Show me your Cantabile Rig!



FYI: I’ve used tapered plastic concrete anchors with about half of the tapered end cut off as dummy plugs.


I love the trackball!! /Seinfeld


My answer to the why not a trackball question is it didn’t even occur to me! I was a trackball user at one point. Small Logitech wireless mice are inexpensive, don’t require much real estate and are super reliable. I actually use two of them on the unit above.


Just curious - what’s your protocol for changing batteries?


I use this little battery tester before shows for any active bass or other battery operated device. Learned the hard way to not skip this step. The batteries are super easy to pop out of the Logitech M325.

The device is made by “Delkin” (as opposed to Belkin :grinning:)

If the tester lights less than 4 lights I put the battery in a bag of 2-3 light batteries and use them for computer keyboards, desktop mice etc.

Update: One thing I forgot to mention is the laptop has a big touch pad - I’m more comfortable using a mouse but if mouse died I’m still fine.


Hi all,
Here is my self made little “Gig Box” 34x19x30 cm (has to fit in my scooter top case!)
HP EliteDesk I7 4770s @3.1 - 16GB ram 250+512 SSD’s.
Motu Ultralite Mk3 Hybrid
Wifi router (the white thing) for Remote Desktop on Ipad.
4 gigs yet and very happy with it. Setup time <2mn!!!


@brad, I didn’t have success with Webui, but Remote Desktop app on my Ipad (or my Iphone) works like a charm.


ok. was it that the WebUI just didn’t work, or didn’t do what you needed?


Hi Brad, thanks for your reactivity.

The idea was to launch Cantabile on my “Gig Box” via Remote Desktop on my IPad 3 and have WebUI on my IPhone during the gig to be able to switch States and Songs, leaving the IPad free for Chord Charts and Score viewing.
WebUI didn’t work for me. I guess my IPhone is to old to deal with WebUI (5C with IOS 10). It didn’t work on the IPad3 too but system is not up to date (IOS 8 max is 9.3 on this device) and anyway, the purpose was to have it running on the IPhone.