Show me your Cantabile Rig!


I shall also join Steve as an accomplice in this heist.


It’s from K&M… but I have extra a piece of pipe mounted to attach the holder


This is the stand it is standing like a rock… The same I have for my Kawei MP 11 with 35 kg and their are many holders with maximum flexibility.
( for my Voicelive I modified the available holder a little bit )


Thanks for the info Juergen. I’m going to see if my store carries it.


Ready… add a Powerstrip on the side of the Keyboardstand and and also a DMX-connection… no more Cablesalad behind the Chair.

Also fixed all Pedals … so they do not slip away.
everything just loosely put together with U-profiles and a lateral screw connection.


Every time someone shows me their rig I wonder, should I thrown beads or something… :smiley:


I noticed above the power strip a row of connectors (three not installed). Did you buy a panel and fit it to the stand?


Throw these:


Yes it is a normal rackpanel but shortened and simply riveted


Well, finally here it is: my new rig…

After 3 months experimenting and lessons learned from several live gigs my config is stable (for now).

  • My main keyboard is RD-2000 because of this wonderful (piano) keybed.
  • My goto synth action, still going strong, is Novation 49 SLMKII.
  • A Dell XPS15 laptop (9570) combined with MOTU 624 (Thunderbolt) audio interface does the Cantabile job very well. This interface is really a great sounding device!
  • The Korg NanoKONTROL Studio is my base hardware controller for song/state switching, part and volume control, also when I’m using a different boards on the road. It nicely fits into my laptop bag. “Just hand me a decent midi keyboard and I can play…”
  • Main instrument VST’s: Omnisphere, Blue3 organ, PianoTeq (grand, upright piano & rhodes), XPand2, Hybrid3 and Ultra Analog VA-2.

In Cantabile I configured an generic 8-part performance rack that I can use as a building block for most songs.Those parts can be switched on/off and volume controlled on the RD-2000 (lower part) and the Novation SL (upper part), e.g. depending on song state.
Notes and CC’s are abstracted from the hardware devices and routed independently. Maximum flexibility using Blue Cat Remote Control vst, great stuff.

My stand is also a K&M Spider Pro. the laptop and iPad stands are also K&M. I have some devices for placing these on the Spider Pro stand as well, e.g. when I’m only playing piano. One thing remains: some smart cable management :slight_smile: .

I’m very please with this setup now, and I’m learning every day with this wonderful forum!


Jan, Nice Rig, I too love the RD2000 Keybed, makes my Vsti’s play like a charm!!



Posting a few more pictures of my rig while I wait to soundcheck at our IQ show at the Boerderij in the Netherlands, including a few geeky shots of cables and stuff…

Please don’t look too closely at the ad-hoc domestic power distribution strip!! My rack-mount PDU failed, and I’m having to make do with this until my replacement arrives! :blush:



Good luck with the gig, Neil

Did I spot some Nord G2 Engines in the rack? Do you still use them live? I’ve just resurrected mine. It still sounds great.


Thanks Derek, yes I still use them live and they do sound great. But I keep wondering about retiring them - so much more flexibility with plugins, and fewer cables/connections to worry about failing during the show!


Looking good, Neil! I would have come to listen to you had I still lived in the Netherlands, but this Dutchman is living in the south of Spain…


Hi Neil,

Do you control the GVST fader from the GeChic or with a controller?




Neil, I noticed you are using a Kurzweil. Do you use the internal piano sounds or a vst?


I’m actually only using GVST for visual feedback of the position of my expression pedal. No actual audio runs through it, and I don’t control it with the screen.


I used to use the internal piano sounds and much more - in fact all my zones and changes were programmed into PC3x setups. Now, with Cantabile I just use it as a basic MIDI controller, driving either Ravenscroft or Ivory piano plugins.


Little Upgrade…Now the Surface Pro is cooler than ever before.
the 2 small 5v/USB Fans I removed from a Tablettcoolingpad… They are adjustable (speed) and very silent.

…and the small Keyboard with a additional dimmable USB-Light is nice to use…better than I first thought…Step by step…