Share your themes!


Hi @FantomXR

Out of luck here - 1) only 16 colors are supported, and 2) only one element can have it’s color set at a time.

  1. don’t plan on changing this unless there’s huge demand (or I can figure out an easy way to do it :))
  2. could probably add support for this, but can’t imagine it’s high on the priority list.



Here’s an updated version of the RedShade theme.
Rename the .zip to .theme and put in your C3 folder. (2.0 MB)


Hi All,

Just sharing a link to a Dark Grey Theme I tweaked to add it to the collection. Also Brad has updated the Light theme on the same thread!



Hi All,

Here is a variation of the Dark Grey theme with more tweaks to the graphics elements and some shade changes to point out things better and make it easier to read on the main headers and toolbars …

GreyScale.theme (4.2 KB)


Made the main display greyscale on this variation

GreyScale.theme (30.5 KB)



First theme that I like better than the default dark one. Thanks Dave!


Hi All,

I tweaked some more and came up with this light grey blend that I find easy on the peepers too. Enjoy!

Gandalf Light Grey.theme (31.7 KB)

Edit: made a variation with the meters light theme based …

Gandalf Light Grey 2.theme (58.7 KB)



Here is a Blue based theme I made …

Blue.theme (5.4 KB)




Yes! Like that Dave.


Thanks @Corky, Here’s a Green calmer scheme …

Celery Green.theme (5.4 KB)

EDIT: edited some graphics on selected buttons and scroll tracks. It uses the Dark theme meters

Celery Green 2.theme (121.0 KB)

One last set of improvements/tweaks to include main display to green gradient and re colored the level meters with very light green BG with dk green normal indicators. Enjoy!

Celery.theme (625.0 KB)



My download button is starting to stick from overuse!!! :slight_smile:




@dave_dore I am totally in love now with the Celery Green one. It is going to be my main look for a while! :slight_smile:



@terrybritton, just updated it so download version 2!


Got it!

This is so cool - pay a paltry sum for a year’s licensing of C3 and get a year of regularly occurring Christmas presents from Brad and constant goodies from everyone else! :smiley:


PS - ooooooo - Celery Green 2 is EVEN GREENER! :slight_smile:


Ooooo… Shiney! :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:


Yes… much calmer. Reminds me of the monochrome monitor on my Apple IIC. :grin:

And easy on the eyes, like it very much.


Woah! Nice work Dave.


Thanks, @Siggin0er! I renamed the ZIP file to .THEME and copied it into the Cantabile folder, but it still doesn’t show up (even after restarting app) as an available theme. Am I missing something?


Yeah, seems like whether or not I save the theme file as a renamed ZIP file (to .theme) or extract to a folder and name the folder with a .theme extension Cantabile does not see the custom themes. How do we use these themes?


Probably you have the zip folder structure incorrect. Check that

Alternative Skindesigns II

For the theme to appear in the dropdown the content/structure of it doesn’t need to be correct. If it’s wrong it’ll just throw an error when you restart and it attempts to load it.

The drop down is populated by looking for all .theme files and folders in the resource folder - ie: the folder configured in Options -> File Locations -> Resource Folder. (If not specified it defaults to Cantabile’s installation folder).

TL;DR: if the theme ends with .theme and is in the right folder it should show up in the drop down.