Share your themes!


On the subject of themes, @brad, is there an entry in theme.json to change the colour of the text for the selected song or song state in the ticker bar? I haven’t been able to find one.



For some reason, that archive refuses to extract. Could it be something wrong with the file?



Strange…if you double-click it in Windows Explorer (on Win 10), it opens fine, but I see that I can’t open it in WinRAR for example.


The zip opens for me, but I cannot extract its contents. It gives me an error that for an unknown reason it cannot copy the file.



The error reads, “An unexpected error is keeping you from copying the file.
Error 0x800004005: Unspecified Error.”



Does this one work any better? (1.1 MB)


Yes, that one works. :slight_smile:




Now this is a really tough call between Godly Dark Shade Theme and the Neil theme! :slight_smile:

I like both - will be switching between these rather often, I think. Will be using the Red Shade and Blue Shade ones So_Godly made as well!

I am living the luxurious life, alright!



Haha Terry what a luxury problem!


I’ve created this card and added this as a comment. Please feel free to add anything else that’s missing and I’ll address them all in one hit.

@So_Godly : you mentioned backgrounds of some of the panels - could you add a comment either here or to the Trello card describing exactly what you need and I’ll take a look at it. eg: was it just color settings, gradients etc… or do you want to put images in there?

One quick note: I don’t want to get too carried away with theme stuff at this point because some if this will be changing when I retro fit the new GuiKit into Cantabile. eg: no point adding new abilities to the existing rendering framework if I’m going to move to OpenGL (likely) as part of the Mac port.



Thx, yes background image files. But i guess you shouldn’t put more effort to gui stuff if it will change in the near future.



Here is my slightly changed dark theme: (1.9 MB)


udated 12.02.17

Kind regards


Godly Red Shade Theme for 3264 version: (4.0 MB)
(remove the .zip extension and put in your program files folder)

Saving patch names

Beautiful!!! Thanks!!! :smile:



Thanks handsome !


Terry, I corrected the file, seems that the folder was still in the zip, so that didn’t work. But you probably figured it out. :slight_smile:


yes, I did… using it now! :slight_smile:



So here is my theme. I only changed the assignable colors for racks. I find them more different than the originals. (2.1 MB)


Nice and flashy !


Hey guys,

is there a chance to add more colors? I tried to do it in the theme.json and changed it to “BasicColor_RedA”, “BasicColor_RedB”, "BasicColor_RedC. But those entries do not show up in Cantabile…

And btw: There is no option to change the color for more than one element at a time, right? I do a lot of backgroundbindings at the moment and selecting a bunch of entries and assign a color to them would save a lot of time.