Set List Verification in 3690

So I was happy to see the new feature in the 3690 release to verify the set list. Notably, the fact that you can now see any issues with your plugins. But… I have a few items that showed up under the “Unknown Plugins” at the end, and they are in fact there and work. Anyone else see this?


This seems similar, although not identical to the issue I have seen with versions newer than 3689: Error running Verify Setlist report on ver 3693. In my case, the issue appeared when trying to an Embedded Rack containing an instance of Omnisphere. If I replaced that Embedded Rack with just the Omnisphere VST, the error went away.

The error was only in the Verify Set List functionality, not in the usage of the plugin or rack. I would call it a minor bug because of that, but maybe something @brad could look into at some point. Maybe something in the way that Verify Set List logic parses the Embedded Rack?

Usually if the plugin works, but is reported as missing means that the plugin is being found using the plugin’s location as stored in the song/rack file, but the plugin is not being found by the plugin scan.

If that doesn’t explain it, send me a copy of your settings.json and plugins.json files (available from Tools → Open Settings Folder) along with a copy of one or more of the songs/racks that have the reported missing plugin and I’ll check it out.

I’ve been away from music for a bit. Finally catching up. Brad, here are the files you requested.

ThanksR Repsher (44.4 KB)