Error running Verify Setlist report on ver 3693

I realize that this version is experimental, so not sure if you want a bug report here. But I get this error when running Verify on a set list. Running against another set list did not produce the error.

Reverted back to version 3689 and did not get the error when running the report against the same set list


I just spent most of the day fixing this same issue. I had something to do with the way songs running under an older build were stored (saved). I ended up creating a NEW Setlist (several, in my case) and imported songs from the troubled Set List (broken up into 20 song groups). I had to create several NEW set lists to accommodate all of the songs). I ran the Verify on each Set List until one got the error message. Then I located the problem Song (corrected the error if I could see it) and did a Save Song As on that song. I will say, even though I corrected several songs with Binding errors, I still ended up combining all of my “clean” mini Set Lists and saving that over top of my original set list (Save Set List As). This probably looks like a ridiculous method, but I had run completely exhausted all Brad’s complimentary “Get Out Of Jail” cards, and had to figure it out my self. 🥸

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