Set List Numbering

Are there any “rules or limitations” for numbering in set lists? I was playing around with a set list last night, and in order to re-sequence a list, I punched in some random large number to move it to the bottom… 5 hundred something…

Cantabile re-numbered it something like 3.224.

It was late… I said this can wait till another time… sorry for the lack of particulars.


Not sure if I understood correctly but why not using Ctrl + Arrow up/down buttons to push entries to where you want to reorganize the setlist, optional renumbering the list afterwards.

Wouldn‘t that do the trick?

Numbers in setlists are equivalent to MIDI program changes. That’s why Cantabile translates numbers above 128 (or 127 if you set it to zero-based) into bank.program format. Given the limitations of the MIDI program / bank change logic, there should be a theoretical limit at 2.097.151 (Bank 127.127, patch 127), but I guess you won’t go that high.

BTW: “something like 3.224” will definitely not appear - program changes are limited at 127/128, so the 3.224 will not happen - that would be 4.96 :wink:

But for moving songs out of the way, I’d recommend using the “break” feature in set lists. You can move songs to another section of your set list;that’ll keep them out of the way, even when sorting your main set list. I use this to keep “utility” songs (e.g. break music or sound check configurations) out of the way of my actual songs.



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Yep… that number was a guess. I’ll give the break feature a shot when I get home. Thanks!