Serious MIDI controller for Cantabile (fighting with stuck notes)


@Furio where do you find that Arturia driver? I thought it was class compliant, no driver needed? I can’t find a midi driver on the Arturia download site, can you provide a link please?


As I wrote previously.
It loaded automatically when I started once again checking and testing 10 days ago.
A window appeared and went away in few seconds.
I had only time to take a fast look.
I cannot say something more, sorry…


Another 4 hours of rehearsals.
No stuck notes.
And I played Hammond B3X the usual insane way.
If I am not able to cause them again I have no chance to show anything to the dealer.
I found the bill, purchasing date is December 8th 2018.
I have another year of warranty.
I don’t know if I must feel happy or the opposite…


My experiences with stuck notes on my Keylab 61 mkii (which is still love!) seem to match @Furio. I had one show where I experienced stuck notes when playing crazy B-3 styles with lots of palm glissando’s and other craziness.

I updated the Arturia USB driver shortly after, and have not had any stuck notes since. (But I hasten to add that my test case is somewhat limited. Just a couple hours of playing; not many hours of extreme playing.)

Just adding my 2 (American) cents of data to this wonderful shared testing and triage endeavor!


Always in order to help the crew here…
How did you update the driver?
In my case it was automatic.
I had only few seconds to see it was doing that…


I don’t remember exactly, but I think I used the Arturia Software Center (as I do periodically to update all my Arturia products).


I tested some controllers. Without sound. Just pressing keys in my dealer showroom.
It seems I like a solid feeling, not hammer type, but good feedback.
Akai Advance, NativeInstruments Kontrol, Novation SL mkiii. Starting from the best.
All devices of same brands but cheaper are really worse.
My Arturia is surely worse, I bought it one year ago because of Reaper compatibility.
I was not yet in C3, but it was a mistake…
If my Keylab will work well in next weeks I will keep it, but I guess I will sell it.
I prefer those devices I tested today.
I need some time, because my bank account is not healthy…


Fwiw Arturia service just informed me a firmware bug causes stuck notes on the mkii. They have a fix! Probably what @Furio saw.


If you are able to make them tell you some detail…
My request on their technical support never produced a detailed answer.
They were available and suggested something but never disclosed anything.
I think the bug was not in the firmware inside controller. It was in the USB driver loaded from Windows 10


I only just discovered this thread…

I’ve also been having problems with stuck notes. This started happening a few weeks back around the time I changed PC from a laptop to a desktop, so I assumed that was at fault somehow. I’m using a Novation Launchkey 61 controller. I’ll definintely try build 3632 to see if I can capture any useful diagnostics.

It’s a pretty rare event for me, so it’s hard to be certain but I got the impression it was happening as I was changing song states.


Alright. That is strange! I’ve just updated from a very old build to the newest and also experience stuck notes on organ plugins… never had this before…

As it happened during a rehearsal I couldn’t take a look into the new diagnosis tool. I hope I can reproduce it…


Hm maybe there’s some issue here, since many users that updated have stuck notes? I had it also yesterday for the first time ever on the latest version now


Maybe I had one today. But I was totally drunk, so I cannot be sure about diagnostic.
Only development: I want to sell my Arturia Keylab mkII.
I don’t trust it anymore. Drunk or sober.


I’m sure it’s the Arturia :joy:


Yesterday night. Long gig. 30 songs. Usual wild playing with C3 and Hammond B3X.
One event of stuck note.
Immediately cured with a button bound to audio engine restart.
So I was the only one who sensed that.
Logical conclusion: I will sell the controller, I cannot show to anyone and I cannot keep it.
Evaluating Novation SL61 mkIII (too many sequencer and recording tools, useless with C3 live) and Native Kontrol S61 mkII (few buttons in midi mode but wonderful keybed)


Maybe try with an older version of c3? I’m not sure if it’s hardware or software since i never had it before but now lately also since the update.

Anyways, i keep comparing the Arturia with my Renault for example. Expensive car with everything to love about it. Except the quality. The car has 2 turbos broken after 2yrs. And then 3 cilinders were not working anymore.
Also lots of technological stuff started degrading. Plus plastic worn off very fast. But man how i loved that car. It’s like having a blonde bimbo. Very nice to show off but you know you can’t afford it plus lots of stuff is not functioning looolllll.

I’m now driving Toyota lol. :slight_smile:


I am using C3 v. 3630.
You know I am sure it is the controller because it makes that also without a computer (linked to a montage on midi cable).
I bought that thing thinking it was first class, so I am very upset now.
I am a totally devoted AlfaRomeo fan.
I am driving a Giulia now, dream car.
But it is a company long time renting, next car will probably be a Peugeot…
Italians never agree easily with French!


I’m using build 3636. I just got a stuck note, the window said “no externally held notes” (or somthing like that - I’ve forgotten already!). I’m using a pretty powerful desktop so not resource limited.


Hrm ok. Questions:

  1. Were you switching routes/presets at the time
  2. Which plugin got the stuck note?
  3. Can you reproduce it?



Yes I was using Arturia V collection 6 and switching song states at the time. I probably didn’t release all notes before I hit the new state button. It was the Synclavier V plugin I was using at the time. Afterwards I tried to do it again - it took a while of randomly hitting notes and buttons but yes, I was able to get another stuck one. If there are any diagnostics you’d like me to try, just ask.