Serious MIDI controller for Cantabile (fighting with stuck notes)


A quick update on this… I’ve found a situation where Cantabile doesn’t clean up a route correctly and can result in stuck notes. Investigating now and will get a fix out asap.





I wish I would have be part of this forum a long time ago. I had the exact problem as OP. I found the solution. The problem was the interface. I spent 2 weeks of daily going back and forth with Arturia and finally track it to interface. There was nothing wrong in the path from the controller, but the path from the controller to the interface was not getting the signal. As soon as I change the interface, I never had a stuck note again. I did have the problem across different instruments from the V collection. None after the switch. I cannot explain it, nor would have I ever thought that was the problem.


Sorry dear @tsaub.
I didn’t understand your post.
What do you mean with interface? A midi box or an audio board with midi connection?
What was the faulty unit, brand and model.
And what is the new one?
And what is the midi controller?


It could be this too. The sticky notes come and go. Especially when trying to to investigate…it never pops up when you’re trying to mimic the behavior.