Send PC Line6 Helix song start

Is there a way to send a Program Change to my Line6 Helix to change the preset when I switch to a new song in my set list in Cantabile? I’m using Solo.

Hi. I actually do it the other way around in that I use the Helix Command Centre to send changes to Cantabile.

But it should be easy to do it the other way round. As you use Solo, you should be able to set a binding that triggers on Song Load to send a patch change to the Helix.

If you are not sure how to do that, let me know and I will do an example for you.

Yes please. I’ve had a try but got lost.

The Helix manual says
In the illustration above, the FACTORY 1 setlist is recalled with a CC32 message of 000, the 02B Essex A15 preset is recalled with a PC (program change) message of 005, and SNAPSHOT 1 is recalled with a CC69 message of 000.

Sorry, it has been a stupidly long day in work today, and I am flaked out, but I’ll check this thread again tomorrow, and if you haven’t figured it out or somebody else has not given you the solution, then I will get Cantabile and my Helix fired up. I use Cantabile to send MIDI changes to all sorts of other hardware, so it is only a matter of sorting out the correct BANK MSB/LSB/PC messages.

Don’t know about Solo (I use Performer), but a Song Load binding does what you want. See if it works:

Not able to find those bindings in Solo. :sunglasses:

@anointed Solo does support Bindings. And since you mentioned CC32, that means they are Banked Patch Changes. Cantabile will handle just fine. There is a Guide all about them. Also, there are detailed videos some members have posted. There are lots of resources.

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You’re correct Solo does support Bindings. It was just that I couldn’t see a Song Load one. Any pointers to narrow the search would be helpful.

Song Load bindings are what used to be called “Triggers” - this type of binding is only available in the Performer edition of Cantabile.



Thanks Torsten. :nerd_face:

Hi. Still on the trail of a solution. I noticed your software “Live Prompter” Torsten. I was wondering if that could change songs in Helix floor pedal and Cantabile at the same time. Can you output to two MIDI outputs at song Load?

Hi, as per my previous post, if you do not have song load bindings, why not do it the other way around and have Cantabile react to your Helix (assuming solo will support it). It is more natural as well on stage. Hit a patch on the Helix as opposed to faffing about on a computer. And you can use Helix Command Centre to assign some stomp switches to transport start and stop.

As offered before, I can write a little guide on how to do this if you wish.

Thanks Derek. The problem with that is twofold. One it means modifying every patch on the Helix to find a spare foot button which is not always available. and Two I also use Helix Native when mains power isn’t available so I would have to use another footswitch anyway. I’m already using an Actition footswitch to change songs in Cantabile and that works well. Having the lyrics with Live Prompter looked promising.

No problem. :slight_smile:

If you make LivePrompter the master in your setup (see the guide “LivePrompter and Cantabile”), it can send a program change when opening a new song. If you keep Cantabile and Helix “in sync” (both Cantabile and Helix will load the same song on a certain program change), you can of course use LivePrompter to change programs / songs both in Cantabile and Helix at the same time.



OK I’ll try that. Thanks. :sunglasses:

Maybe I’m missing something here, I use the midi file associated with my song to send program changes to my Gt-10. It did take me awhile to figure out synchronizing midi and wave files, but very happy with it now.

That is also an option, such is the flexibility of Cantabile

I also use a Line 6 Helix with Cantabile, but I reduced my Helix to simply sending out MIDI controller messages and Cantabile handles everything else. It’s worth the effort to reach this point as it centralises everything in Cantabile and makes the whole job simpler in future.

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