Send PC Line6 Helix song start

Yes certainly Cantabile is the most flexible as a command centre so far. I may yet do as The Elf says. Thanks for the ideas.

Making progress. I am using Live Prompter to change presets in the Helix Floor pedal using Program Changes. I then used my Actition foot pedal to change to next song in Live Prompter with CC 96. It was also being used to change to next song in Cantabile. However I don’t seem to be able to use both at the same time. In other words the Midi port is opened exclusively in either program. Is there a way of sharing the port for both programs?

That is probably more a function of the MIDI port drivers and whether or not they are “multi-client”

…and this is why I would handle everything from Cantabile centrally.

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Sorted. With a combination of loopmidi and MIDI-OX I can send the same MIDI input to two or more inputs. It works a treat.