Routing ASIO Output to onboard audio input


Wondering if there’s away to use Cantabile’s output as an input for Zoom. I’m trying to get a setup going for performing in a Zoom call; however, Zoom doesn’t have the ability to take Cantabile’s ASIO output as a microphone source. I’ve tried ASIO Link Pro Tool, Virtual Audio Cable, VB Voiceemeter, and haven’t been able to figure anything out. The interfaces are too complicated for me.

For the moment, the workaround I’ve been using has been to connect my audio interface’s output to the mic-in port on my computer’s onboard audio, but the drawback is a moderate degree of noise and distortion.

So is there a way to do this in Cantabile, maybe with loopback ports? Or using one of the above mentioned applications?

There are also S/PDIF inputs and outputs on the my audio interface that I’m not using. It’s a Komplete Audio 6. So that might be another option, but again, there’s seemingly no way to virtually route ASIO outputs to computer inputs.

I don’t think you can use ASIO in two different things at once. Try using WASPI or whatever your computer sound card has. Zoom has very finicky audio settings. I’m a school music teacher and have been experimenting a lot with zoom to teach my classes. and it’s frustrating. Zoom was designed with company meetings in mind, and just doesn’t work well with music stuff.

Yeah, WASAPI worked, but the performance was unacceptable. I couldn’t get the latency down enough to play comfortably, and as far as I know, you can’t really change that.

I’m gonna try using a coaxial cable to run a loopback between the s/pdif jacks. Might be just as clean as a virtual loopback since it’s digital audio.

I’ve had the same thing on my mind and came across this:
Combine with Jack and it might be work. I haven’t had time to try though.
This video suggests you can do it:

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Wow–that actually worked. Thank you! Everything is still bottlenecked by the poor audio quality Zoom encodes in, but it’s the best I can do for now.