Route Overlay Confusion

I just had a bout of confusion caused by me accidentally dragging another duplicate route from an input device to a VSTi. There were two routes and I was adding filters on the top one and didn’t realize the bottom route existed. So I’m midi monitoring the output of the route (top) and seeing what I want to see (no CCs) and then monitoring the input of the VSTi and watching all these CCs coming through. The problem solution finally hit me, but I really wish routes were impossible to lay directly over another.

I would play the world’s smallest violin to myself in sympathy, but the CCs keep messing up the tune.

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I’ve had this issue myself. We need an indicator that routes are stacked from the Wiring view.

me too…


I have hit similar situations and spent a bit of head-scratching time! However, I would hesitate to make it impossible to overlay routes. That could get into weird bounds conditions …

But I would definitely like to see some indicator if multiple routes are co-located.

Here’s an extreme case that I use often:

ZZ-A and ZZ-B are embedded racks that hold routes which exist for the sole purpose of holding a long-lived value, such as an adjustable level or pan setting.

I could go with that. If overlaid routes were dashed or utilized some other visual cue. I certainly understand the need for real estate in the route view.

Or maybe a different color?

I never really got comfortable with Routing View - most of my setups are so complex that routing view is unwieldy spaghetti…

Table view makes it far more manageable - clear list of connections from all of my racks. My input racks often have a lot of separate output routes with targets changing by state - impossible to manage well in routing view…

Once setups get beyond a certain level of complexity, I very much recommend to get used to table view.




@Brad Would it be possible for you to change the functionality of Cantabile, so that when someone (accidentally or intentionally) drags another duplicate route from an input device to a VSTi, then either one route “serpent” or both are automatically shifted sideways in shape a little bit? (This can presently be done manually by dragging the smaller ring with the mouse).
So instead of covering each other completely, the two routes would look like this:
or even like this: image

This is not the answer you are looking for, but multiple wiring might have its own logic. For example, a different MIDI filter for each wiring. I used this way for some “Kontakt Multis” Rack setting.
That said, the table display is better, imho.

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I was firmly in that camp, but now find it indispensable, even for some complex setups. Once you get past the idea that you’re working in a restricted space and start to employ the potential of putting things out of the way, the workflow can get very creative. Wired view needs a couple of tweaks to take some of the ambiguity out of the design. The whole idea is to be able to see at glance where things are going. I’m grateful for the choice. :wink: