Roland JV1080 and SRX Plugin Causing Crashes

Thanks Brad, that’s amazing! I did forget to mention that this happened on two different machines…

I’m assuming that it’s the latest versions of the plugins, the cloud manager keeps them all up to date. Also, if it sheds any light, they don’t crash in Cubase or Reaper…

Thanks again, as always.


That’s why I suggested trying running in single threaded mode - just to isolate whether Cantabile’s multi-core support is spooking the plugins.

My issues were not limited to Cantabile. Other VST hosting applications had similar issues with the GUI, even the SoundCanvas VA plugin was troublesome.
I gave up.
If you can work around their GUI fiasco you’re a better man than I Gunga Din.

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Yes, it is irritating that people can’t write plugins that pay nice, it’s only due to the diligence and skill of people like Brad that means we can use any of it at all!

I would be gutted if I couldn’t use them love though coz I love the sounds, they’re a real reminder of my formative keyboard years!


If you haven’t tried it, just as an experiment, see what happens if you load the DDMF plugin into Cantabile and host the Roland plugins inside that. Just to see if it works. That was a clue for me with the Melda stuff that it was not a fundamental flaw in the plugins but in the way Cantabile was looking at them.

Ok, now I’m really confused!

I’ve had some time today to play with these plugins since having the problems and now I can’t make it crash at all and this is with the show files that I was having the problems with…



Any chance Roland Cloud installed updated plugins?

I noticed on KVR that Roland did cloud 5.2 update around the 4th this month
Can’t find anything even resembling a change log.
Don’t know whether they have ‘autoupdate’ system or not.

It’s possible I suppose. I didn’t notice any updates on the instruments list but it may have done something in the background…

Any how, I’ll report back if it starts behaving badly again…

Cheers for all your help.



Couldn’t get the desktop to crash yesterday, transferred the set list to the laptop for the show tonight and hey presto, it crashes again.

I’m going to leave it connected to the internet for a while, see if the Roland cloud does some updates in the background and solves the problem…



Forgot to mention. On the desktop machine, I did try what @brad suggested I try and turn off the multicore support, which stopped the crashing. I then turned it back on and it still didn’t crash…

Not sure that that should have made a difference…


Ok, I think the multicore switch thing is maybe whats causing problems… I did the turn it off and turn it on thing with the laptop and it still crashed when I turned the multicore support back on…

Don’t know if that sheds any light @brad?



Hmmm Race condition.

OK sounds like a bug in the plugin with multi-core processing.

Could you also try turning multicore processing back on and then set Options → Audio Engine → Multi-processor Mode to “Compatible” rather than “Aggressive” and let me know how that goes.


Hi Brad,

My Multi-processor mode was set to compatible anyhow, on both machines. Changing to Agressive didn’t make any difference. However, I did notice another issue, in the same set list, whilst playing a sound that had nothing to do with the roland plugins (it was just Kontakt instruments) the load meter was going up to 918% and the sound was glitching, which it’s never done before… Possibly unrelated…

Cheers as always,


Hi @Toaster

Sounds unrelated - more like a page fault or power setting issue - but hard to tell from the supplied information.


I thought it may be…

I’ll add it to the list of things that I can’t explain…

Would there be any mileage in sending you the rack files and doing song files to see if you get the same issue? Always assuming you’ve got kontakt and the Roland stuff…


Sure send it through, but I’m pretty busy atm (trying to focus on getting the profiler done) and not sure how quickly I’ll be able to get to it.

Hi @brad.

Ok, the plot thickens. On my desktop machine (which is a new i9 monster) I was also having issues with Cubase not behaving properly. With lots of back and forth with the amazing guys at Scan where I bought it, we finally solved the issue with a registry fix that had something to do with MMCSS (I’m not savvy enough to understand what they did!). I was something to do with the fact that Windows can’t properly handle MMCSS on a machine with 20 logical cores.

Anyhow, once this was solved, I went back to look at the Roland/Cantabile issue and couldn’t for the life of me make Cantabile crash on this machine with the Roland plug-ins, hurrah!

So I went back to the laptop with the same set-list and songs and within about 30 seconds… Crash! Boo!

The laptop is a quad core i7 so shouldn’t (AFAIK) be suffering with the MMCSS issues, and of course, the whole reason that the Desktop machine stopped crashing could be wholly unrelated, but I can’t work out what’s causing this. I’ve updated both machines as far as I can, and am now at a loss as to what may be causing this…

Also, on a possibly unrelated note, I had a crash during my show last night that I’ve never had, the crash dialogue said ‘KERNBASE’ issue or something similar, I didn’t really have time to read it as I was in the middle of a set! Also, I couldn’t send the crash report as I wasn’t connected to the internet at the time. Not sure if this has anything to do with anything, just trying to rule out everything possible!

Cheers as always,


Hi Pierce,

To explain the MMCSS issue… this is a way to tell Windows to boost the priority of a thread because it has real-time duties. Cantabile does this for all it’s audio engine worker threads. In Windows 10 they’ve limited the number of threads that can use this feature to 28. More than that will fail - but shouldn’t cause Cantabile crash if the mmcss call fails. With an i9, Cantabile shouldn’t be hitting that limit because by default it should be only creating worker threads for each of the 10 physical cores. Of course that’s not counting any plugins creating their own threads and also enabling mmcss.

If Cantabile is crashing because of this I’d like to see a crash report to check it’s not Cantabile itself crashing.

Does this happen with just the Roland plugin loaded - or do you have other plugins loaded too. I’m wondering if you’ve got a few different plugins all creating worker threads, all trying to enable MMCSS and still hitting the limit. (I’ve seen plugins from reputable companies that create almost 1000 threads - don’t ask me why, that seems insane, but I’ve see it). Perhaps other plugins handle the MMCSS calls failing where as Roland doesn’t.

That said - I doubt it. I’ve been through your most recent crash reports and seeing different issues including division by zero errors and access violations (always in the Roland plugins themselves). Best bet would be to hassle Roland about it. I’ll email you a copy of all your recent crash reports so you can forward them to Roland.

I’d need to see the crash report - it should still be on your machine. Go to Cantabile → Tools menu → Open Settings Folder and look for a .zip file with date/time around the time of the crash. Email it to me and I’ll check it out.