Roland JV1080 and SRX Plugin Causing Crashes


I’m having issues with the Roland Cloud JV-1080 and SRX Orchestra plugins crashing Cantabile.

I’ve tried with 35XX and 32XX versions thinking it maybe that.

@brad, I’ve been sending the crash logs to you, sorry if there’s lots of the same thing but I thought that I’d send them all, just in case they said anything different.

Anyone else experiencing issues with these?



No problems here on both 35XX and 32XX. Running Win 7 x64 on 32XX and Win 8 x64 on 35XX. Loads quickly and plays perfectly.

Sorry, not helpful. I’ve just had a long day :stuck_out_tongue:


When it comes to C++


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Thanks for the replies! I’m on Windows 10, maybe that’s the issue?

Hopefully the logs will shed some light on it…


You mean the burning logs under the W10 box and plugins??
Bloody Roland are great with hardware and digital sound, no-hopers with UI and implementation.
1080 is again bad news in Australia :slight_smile:
That’s why a few of us keep our ‘real’ JVs.


Now the D-50 one is causing problems! I thought it was because I hadn’t updated my subscription but it’s not that…

@brad, did you get the crash logs I’ve sent (from



Yeah, I hope Brad can help. I dropped my subscription months ago. Black frames, unclickable controls, res issues. I think the engine is good but the GUI is like subclassed VB2.

I’ll take a look at this today/tomorrow. Yes there’s been some issues with Cantabile and some plugins with their GUIs. Mostly it stems from trying to support Win10s per-monitor resolution support but also some plugin issues and some Cantabile issues. I’m working hard to get all these issues fixed.

In the meantime, give 3538 a go - it fixes some issues with melda and black frames, mights also help here.

Hi @Toaster

I’ve been through all the crash reports you sent and they’re all indicating crashes in the plugin’s audio processing (not in Cantabile). The crash reports also show that all parameters and buffers passed to the plugins are valid which hints towards this being caused by bugs in the plugins themselves.

One thing you could try as an experiment is to switch Cantabile to single threaded mode (options -> Audio Engine -> Number of Audio Threads -> 1 “Disabled”) and see if the problems go away. Let me know if that makes a difference - that might be a clue for Roland.

In the meantime, I’ll forward the crash reports to Roland and hope they’re interested in fixing them.


I just did a quick search for other Roland Cloud plugin crashes - and I’m not seeing crashes from any other users for these plugins. Makes me wonder if there’s something specific about your machine or installation that’s triggering these problems.

Not sure what to suggest except to make sure you’ve got the latest versions of the plugins installed. Perhaps try reinstalling in case there’s a file not getting updated by their installer correctly.

Also, I received a reply from Roland saying they’ve forwarded your crash reports to their development team - I’ll let you know if I hear anything back.

Thanks Brad, that’s amazing! I did forget to mention that this happened on two different machines…

I’m assuming that it’s the latest versions of the plugins, the cloud manager keeps them all up to date. Also, if it sheds any light, they don’t crash in Cubase or Reaper…

Thanks again, as always.


That’s why I suggested trying running in single threaded mode - just to isolate whether Cantabile’s multi-core support is spooking the plugins.

My issues were not limited to Cantabile. Other VST hosting applications had similar issues with the GUI, even the SoundCanvas VA plugin was troublesome.
I gave up.
If you can work around their GUI fiasco you’re a better man than I Gunga Din.

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Yes, it is irritating that people can’t write plugins that pay nice, it’s only due to the diligence and skill of people like Brad that means we can use any of it at all!

I would be gutted if I couldn’t use them love though coz I love the sounds, they’re a real reminder of my formative keyboard years!


If you haven’t tried it, just as an experiment, see what happens if you load the DDMF plugin into Cantabile and host the Roland plugins inside that. Just to see if it works. That was a clue for me with the Melda stuff that it was not a fundamental flaw in the plugins but in the way Cantabile was looking at them.

Ok, now I’m really confused!

I’ve had some time today to play with these plugins since having the problems and now I can’t make it crash at all and this is with the show files that I was having the problems with…



Any chance Roland Cloud installed updated plugins?

I noticed on KVR that Roland did cloud 5.2 update around the 4th this month
Can’t find anything even resembling a change log.
Don’t know whether they have ‘autoupdate’ system or not.

It’s possible I suppose. I didn’t notice any updates on the instruments list but it may have done something in the background…

Any how, I’ll report back if it starts behaving badly again…

Cheers for all your help.