MMCSS in the RME Driver

My RME driver control panels (both UCX II and Babyface Pro-FS) have an option to [X] Enable MMCSS for ASIO … by default turned off.

EDIT: I just looked up the relevant section of the RME manuals (Duhh) and it clearly indicates that this should be off for Cantabile. I am keeping this post in case others wish to comment or it provides useful info, but I think the question is probably moot now and could be considered closed. Here is the text from the UCX II manual v1,2b page 17 (my emphasis):

Enable MMCSS for ASIO activates support with higher priority for the ASIO driver. Note: At this time, activating this option seems to be useful only with the latest Cubase/Nuendo at higher load. With other software this option can decrease performance. The change becomes active after an ASIO reset. Therefore it is easy to quickly check which setting works better.

Is there a recommendation for this setting when using Cantabile?

Here are sources of info (both from 2018) on this forum and the RME forum, but I cannot clean a clear answer (if there is one):

Cantabile automatically enables MMCSS for all its audio threads so that setting probably makes no difference in Cantabile.

For the uninitiated, like me who did not know what MMCSS is….