RFC: Plugin Windows and Minimizing Cantabile

Currently when you minimize Cantabile’s main window, any open plugin windows also get minimized. Also, plugin windows can’t disappear behind Cantabile’s main window - they’re always in front.

This behaviour in Windows terminology is referred to as the main window owning the popup windows.

I’ve had someone asked rather keenly about the ability to have the plugin popups unowned. This would mean:

a) they can be minimized independently of the main window
b) they can disappear behind the main window
c) they get their own representation in the Windows task bar

What’s the consensus on this? Would you prefer:

  • Things left as they are
  • A single global option to control this behaviour for all plugin windows
  • Ability to select this behaviour on a per-plugin instance


(BTW: This unowned behaviour was how things worked in Cantabile 2).

This would be my vote … but default to current behavior until altered



In agreement with Dave Dore.

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I agree with Dave and Corky.

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Of course. :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

Agree with Dave too,

Being boring, I agree with Dave…

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Dave speaks. (but he doesn’t need 20 characters)

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I agree – Per-plugin basis would be ideal, but a global option for all plugins would work for me too.

OK. Thanks for the feedback.

So are we saying that ability to unown the plugin windows to make them separately minimizable is a wanted feature?

Not only separately minimizable, but also ALT-TAB switchable. I use that a TON everywhere else! For that reason, I would not mind if it was global vs per-plugin.


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For me yes, but I understand Terry’s wishes for the global option and see how that would work well too. I was thinking that there are a few plugin windows that I always reach for and that are in all or almost all songs in my set lists but have to get through the layers too and if they are minimized in the taskbar then I can pop them up no matter the song in the list and without the need to set state behaviors for visibility in songs or racks. Just another way to get there I guess …


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Yes please :pray: :pray:

I wouldn’t like the fact that the windows can get lost behind the main window; the main advantage for me would be that I could keep plugins on-screen while minimizing Cantabile - something that is super-helpful when working with complicated synths: having the manual on one side of the screen and the plugin GUI on the other, without Cantabile getting in the way or having to resize Cantabile.

I could live with this being a single global option, but of course the full luxury would be to be able to simply right-click a plugin window and “un-own” it temporarily. Normally, I’d like windows to be managed by Cantabile, but for the situation outlined above, a temporary de-coupling of the synth window would be great!




I think it would be more practical.
Anyway, working with more than one plugin window, the ability to iconize would be appreciated. I believe that if you allow the plugin popup to disappear underneath the main Cantabile window would be a bit confusing

The problem with some of the suggestions here is that in order to be independently minimizable and to remain visible when Cantabile’s main window is visible also requires that the window can disappear behind Cantabile’s main window. You can’t have one without the other.

Anyway, seems the idea has some merit - I’ll do some experiments and see how feasible it is.


:pray: :eyes: … soo… Hows it looking?

I started working on this about an hour before you posted. Coming later today/tomorrow…


:grin: lol … my spider senses must have been tingling…:spider:

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