RFC: MIDI Filter to map CC to Note

Hey Guys,

I was just looking at this trello card describing a MIDI filter to map CC’s to Notes.

What exactly is needed for this?

  1. should it map a range of CC’s to a range of notes and use the CC value as the note velocity (with 0 being note off)?
  2. should it map a single CC and use the value as the note number and use a constant velocity for all notes?
  3. if 2, then when is the note released?


@brad, the original post from 2016 was a discussion on using a Keytar to send a CC64 sustain momentary switch to trigger a note at a set volume.

I made a band-aid :grin: with bindings but a more elegant solution was desired long term because of the added latency of the bindings trick.


Thanks Dave… so sounds like just the ability to map a single CC to a single note with a specified velocity. Perhaps with a trigger threshold on the CC value where above is note on, below note off.

Yea Brad, what I get from it is that it’s for using a CC momentary button or pedal to trigger drum samples etc … so a CC on and off momentary event produces a chosen note that does a note on and off at a given velocity.

Huh! So I just went to implement this and discovered it’s already done. Completely forgot about it.


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Too cool! :sunglasses: I guess you forgot to cross it off the list when you put it there. I don’t think it was always there but that was 2016 so who knows



So that’s what it is for! :roll_eyes: