Map CC to Note?

I know it is possible using the MIDI filter to map a certain note to a cc but is it possible to do the opposite. I have a keytar for which I would like to map the sustain button to a particular note at a set volume.



I second this! I’m looking to reassign a sustain pedal as a kick drum at a fixed volume. Thanks in advance.


Here is a way that works. There’s 2 parts to it. First make a binding.

Next make a custom trigger. This is an example, you should set the target to your choice.

The example is for a keyboard note to make another note at a set velocity.

To do it with a sustain pedal or a cc switch the binding should be like this for a sustain cc and the trigger would be the same as above except the Target. Set that to your choice.

Hope this helps



Hi Dave,

Thanks for taking the time to post this. I’ll give it a go today.

Best wishes,


This isn’t implicitly supported but @dave_dore 's suggestion is clever. The only down side would be that because of the way bindings and triggers are dispatched there might be an ever so slight delay - but give it a go.

Anyway, I’ve logged it.

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Dave’s method actually works really well. I had to create a second trigger for note off info with a delay on it but it’s a great work-around.

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Alas, I’m running Solo, and it looks like I needed Performer to gain the Triggers feature. Oh well. Thanks for the help everyone. @brad, might this be something included in Solo’s MIDI Routing options or implemented as a MIDI filter?

Side note: great software, great philosophy of keeping it small and simple yet powerful, and great customer service. I’m a hardware/software engineer, so I know how rare it is to speak straight to the developer! Thanks again.

Hi @wmbranch

I’ll have a look at implementing this as a filter.