Reverb Glitches?

Hey guys,

I’m assuming there’s not a lot I can do about this, but you guys are the font of all knowledge so I thought I’d ask here.

I’m wondering if there’s a reverb plugin that can switch algorithms without a glitch in the audio. IE, I want to switch between a room and a hall whilst holding a chord and have the sound change seamlessly. I’ve tried all the verb plugins that I’ve got and none of them can do it…
Anyone know of/use a reverb plugin that can achieve this, or know of a workaround?



Try two separate reverb instances and switch between 2 Cantabile routes. (or try one route and switch the target). Don’t change settings, just change instances using routes.


using 2 instances would also be the way I‘d recommend. But this will probably not solve the „glitching problem“ as there still can be fast transients.

I think a fast fading instead of switching could solve this. I remember Dave Dore did some basic and very useful work on this here:

Good luck and regards, humphrey

Or…maybe have the 2 instances running, use mod wheel to decrease gain of one while increasing gain of the other. Somewhat morphing. Haven’t tried it, but makes sense to me. Sorry…the “font of all knowledge” comment just sparked my ego for a few moments, and this is what came out of my giant brain. :rofl:

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Thanks guys!

I’ll try and get my head around the suggestions!


If it’s just the room size you want to change, take a look at FabFilter Pro-R - it has a “space” dial that allows you to modify its room size seamlessly, while keeping all other parameters constant. No glitches or side effects that I could hear (just tried this running a Rhodes through it and fiddling with the center dial).

You’ll want to make sure to change the value smoothly (use the mod wheel or a fader/pot); a brutal “switch” will certainly create artifacts.

For a more dramatic effect, you may want to blend between two very different types of reverbs (not just change the space size), so I’d go for parallel effect sends to two parallel reverbs. With a binding, you can fade out the first and fade in the second at the same time:

In my example, I used the mod wheel to blend; of course you can use any controller you like…



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