RESOLVED: ZebraHZ Crashes


I am currently installing all of my VSTis into my new gig PC :slight_smile: and whilst testing ZebraHZ with the latest Cantabile build I get an instant crash after opening the editor Window and then attempting to select a patch. Also tried it on my studio computer (Build 3244) and got the same problem. So it seems pretty consistent. (143.4 KB) (139.0 KB) (128.1 KB)

Hey Derek,

Will it open a studio DAW? There were some scaling things that were being worked on lately, might be it, either way @brad will want to look at it when he could.


Hi, Dave

Yes, it works fine in Cubase 9. Forgot to say as well that this is of course ZebraHz 64 bit, and I forgot to say that Zebra itself seems to work fine in Cantabile. ZebraHZ is the “Hans Zimmer” version with extra features in compared to the “plain” Zebra

Thanks guys - I’ll check it out.

I’ve had a quick look at this. Appears to be a crash in the plugin itself. I’ve contacted u-he about it…

Thanks, Brad

Hopefully it will be fixed. If you need any more info to support then let me know.

Hi @Derek,

I’m in contact with u-he about this… they’ve asked that you first confirm you’re running the latest version of ZebraHZ.


Hi, Brad,

I am using V2.7.2 on both machines, which I believe is the latest version

In fact Zebra itself bombed on me a few times this morning. Here are the traces. (149.9 KB) (144.6 KB)

Zebra HZ/Dark Zebra and the classical Zebra works perfect for me in C3.
Never crashed.
Has the folder with presets/patches changed?


I’m not 100% sure what you mean. The presets are as loaded, and the libraries I have purchased are in there as well. As mentioned, it works fine in Cubase 9, but bombs in Cantabile, so I do not think patches are the issue as you would expect that to be consistent.

Hi @Derek,

I asked for conceivably changes in folder/s, cause I had some days ago issues with folder administration rights in my VST folder(s).
Cause my Zebra stuff works perfect without any crashes in C3, my first thought to your issue could (by try and error problem solving) be an option with folder rights which perhaps causes the crashes. In my case (different VST problem issue as yours) I could solve that with folder ownership rights. I don’t know, what on the end caused the problem…it’s solved.

Ah, OK. I am Admin on all computers, but can give the folders a once over, however I would be surprised if this was the issue, again, because I have the problems on two computers, and no problems in Cubase.

I’m always also the admin on my computers! :slight_smile: But, I had the ownership right problems.

If you reinstall Zebra to another folder?


I’m in the midst of other install issues right now, so whilst I am busy on those, I will wait and see what Brad comes back with, and like I’ve said a few times :slight_smile: I cannot see it being an admin rights issues on two computers, and also on my music computer, ZebraHZ does not crash in Cubase, so I do not think it is a Zebra install issue. If it was it would most likely be affecting Zebra in Cubase as well.

I just tested ZebraHZ 2.7.2 here and it crashes C3 as soon as I choose a preset. I sent the crash report. I do have the data folder on a separate drive. Zebra2 does not crash when I choose a preset. Both Zebras seem to work fine in Studio One 3. I can’t test Cubase 9 at the moment because it’s slowly re-scanning all of my plugins due to the time change bug.


Ah, the old Cubase 9 daylight savings bug. I never understood why it does that, and I don’t understand why it still does it!

I just tried ZebraHZ on my Intel NUC system and it does NOT crash C3 when changing presets. Weird. Both are running build 3277 of Cantabile.

Thanks guys. I’m going to leave this with u-he for the moment and see what they come back with.

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So I have two systems with the same behaviour, but you have two systems with different behaviour… :thinking:

Interesting, cause in C3 I had never problem
with Zebra HZ. Perhaps…I still stay with Windows 7?