Recording digital piano?

I have someone interested in purchasing my Casio PX-5s digital piano. He lives several hours away and will not be able to come to my home. He wants to hear the keyboard before making a commitment. My question is how to record the sounds coming out of the digital keyboard- so audio out of the keyboard then into the laptop where I can record something with my DAW. I’m so used to recording VST’s with Cantabile or my DAW that I’m drawing a blank on how to do this.


Hi Lee,

1/4" x 2 mono to 1/8 in stereo adapter for stereo input on the laptop audio/mic in. Line in if has it, Microphone if that’s all there is. You can record into the DAW like you would a stereo mic.


Thanks Dave! That should do it. Have those items already

Maybe a silly idea but youtube videos of PX-5s wouldn‘t do the trick?

Regards, humphrey

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not silly at all. I think I’ll send a link to my prospective buyer.

Good luck. Just being curious, are you buying another keyboard or another piece of gear instead, and if so, which one/what kind?