Question for you GSI VB3 users


Do you actually assign slide controllers from your midi keyboard to each drawbar for live performances, and if so, how often do you make changes on the fly?

I’m controlling GSB VB3 with a Novation Impulse 61. At present I have it set up so that the 9 sliders are each assigned to a drawbar. But I’m finding that I rarely change the drawbar settings during a song when gigging. Additionally, I’m starting to use multiple instances of VB3 in songs where there is an organ solo- in other words, using C3 to change the song state let’s me load a preset configuration for a solo, then back to the previous state for the remainder of the song.

I’m thinking that I can use these 9 sliders for other VST functions, because they are easier to manage than the “endless” rotary encoders on the keyboard.



I do the same as you - I use VB3 heavily and often have several instances running, and switch instance / preset for different parts of songs. I rarely have a hand free for making drawbar adjustments, so actually never map hardware controller to these. The only exception is one master keyboard setup I have with the controllers mapped for VB3 that I use for setting up organ sounds for use in songs, but once I’ve “defined” the sound, I store it away in a preset for instant recall. The music I play with my band is quite “locked down” and well-defined. I think if I were using organ in a more improv situation, I’d probably be using real time drawbar controllers more.



similar situation here: whereas I have several keyboards and a special drawbar controller available I rarely use them to control vb3.

If I need different hammond sounds in one song I use 2 instances of vb3 & lotary. There are only few controller assignments I do: typically rotor speed, expression and scanner mapped to sustain pedal, volume pedal and/or modwheels.

@Neil: using one song with a drawbar controller to define new sounds is a really nice idea. Thanks for sharing.

Regards, humphrey


I am wondering if you can help me figure out if I need a Novation Impulse 49 or not. I am currently trying to make my own mixes. I am just starting, any advice?



I can’t help but wonder if you are only here to plug articles by “Emma” at HomeStudioMaven in order to generate clicks - haven’t seen any other posts from you. If this is the case, then please stop doing it; this is a well-behaved and serious forum with no interest in spam, trolls, advertising plugs, or flaming.

If you are truly serious about your requests: please don’t hijack threads that have nothing to do with your topic, but start a new topic.

Lastly: this is a Cantabile forum; while everybody is also super-helpful with other topics around it, you’re still more likely to get responses if you ask questions about Cantabile.

Overall, your posts don’t create the impression that you are serious about participating here - if I’m doing you wrong with this assumption, please feel free to reply here and clear things up.




Hi, I am not a spammer, troll, or plugging any website. Just wondering about which keyboard to buy.

I apologize for posting here, it was my first time joining a forum so I am not particularly familiar with it yet.



Hey Chris,

I would get the Akai based on the reviews of it regarding durability and reliability. I don’t have one however and use and older M-audio Axiom 61 for Organ Vst’s and it’s great. So the best advice is an un-wieghted keyboard with no history of hardware or software troubles. The Akai checks those boxes. I hope you find a good one for your organ playing. Sorry if you got incorrectly received in your initial post, users here defend the site from spam and such so defenses are up. Anyway, Welcome to the forum!



Thank you so much. Will look for more tips here.