Question about Linked Rack level bindings

I created a linked rack that has:
1 VB3 1.4
2. VB3 II
3. IK Leslie
4. TruePianos
5. Lounge Lizard
6. Combo F

I then turned on just one at a time (except VB3 II is routed into IK Leslie so both are on for one) and created a state for each. Now I can quickly get to each plugin from the rack’s state drop down list

How can I create bindings for those states so when I press a pad on my Axiom (note ch10 A2 for example) the rack state assigned will activate?


Hey Doug,

Here’s a way to do it. In your Song the Instruments rack (my example is called Keyboards) is loaded and has multiple states for your different instruments. Each rack state has an index number to call it with assigned to it and is determined by the list order. So the bindings use this to call the desired state that has your keyboard of choice using these index numbers.

So at the song level you create bindings like this that call the states up by using index numbers for each pad CC number or note it sends over as a trigger.



Thanks Dave, I was trying to use the rack states - the song states worked great.

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