PSP L'otary2 Opinions

I only just found out about PSP L’otary2 through an email I got with a link to their free Pianoverb which I have yet to install.
It seems to get plenty of good reviews but I’m interested to know the opinions of my fellow Leslie using friends here. Who here uses/has used it and how does it compare to other Leslie VST simulations?


this is not even close to IKM Leslie. Specially the overdrive sound is horrible. All in all it lacks the deep transparent sound IKM Leslie is able to produce.

My 2 cent,

Regards, humphrey

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Hi David,

I have had the L’otary for a few years and used it a lot with VB3 and Vintage organs Kontakt and it was IMO superior to both of those offerings built in units. It remained the king until I got involved with the B5 Hammond from Acoustic Samples which has a special version of the “Rotary” Plugin from UVI built in to it’s program. But the most effective emulation I’ve experienced yet is the IK Multimedia offering that runs under either Amplitube or T-Racks and it is simply called “Leslie” and Hammond/Suzuki was in on the development of it and endorse it. I am using it with the new VB3 II from GSI and the results are stunning. You really feel it with this beauty. I of course have only had it for a few weeks but I am not using L’otary much anymore except on a few songs where I need the ingenious real time speed lever feature is essential to playing those songs. In effect it turns any variable controller into a real time speed lever controller as opposed to a traditional switched Hammond speed type. Anyway that’s my two centavos. :grinning:



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Thanks heaps guys. I already have Amplitube Ampeg SVX so I’m looking at their Leslie now. Really liking the demos I’ve heard so far.

Lotary never impressed me.

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As far as Leslie vst’s go, it’s gonna be hard to beat the IK. I have quite a collection of leslie emulations that are sitting dormant on an external hard drive somewhere along side of early hammond wannabes. I used L’otary on a few things (mostly Steppenwolf), but it didn’t quite do the job in most cases. The UVI Rotary was much better, but I haven’t used it since B5v2 came out. IK works very well on guitar too. Sounds much more natural.

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