PSA: Cherry Audio Memorymode (Memory Moog) on sale $19 includes free Melda Transient shaper

Most are probably on Cherry’s mailing list and have seen this, but Memorymode also includes an unexpected free license to Melda MTransient. I needed something Moog-ish, plus always like a good transient shaper, so this was a great deal for my purposes. For anyone interested, here are Cherry’s current sale links:

They also have Polymode (PolyMoog) for $19 at this link:

And also Quadra Synth for $29:

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Thanks for tip, sekim.

Now I have all the Cherry Audio’s Moog VST. Hope they fix their licensing issues when offline.

Check out this thread (towards the end) where others here have been in contact with Cherry about the issue. It appears they fixed it, but all of your Cherry plugins must be updated to current version for everything to work smoothly.


Thanks, I’m following the thread.