Problem remapping audio ports

Good evening,

I made a strange observation tonight: I just wanted to change the physical audio ports of my babyface (ADAT instead of analog outs) mapped to the virtual audio ports inside C3. At first glance this seemed to work well: after loading a plugin and sending its out to the same virtual port the audio occoured at a differnt hardware out of my babyface.

But after loading a song I was sureprised to see the old mapping was rearranged even though the new mapping was still shown in the menue.

After loading a single plugin again the audio signal was now routed to the old physical out again. I had to shut down cantabile and restart it to have the new routing available again (but only for a plugin - not for a song).

I also tested this with my second laptop (win 10 instead of 8.1) and a fireface ufx 2 with the same result.

Do I miss something here? Is this behavior by design or probably a special item only showing up in my setup?

Regards, humphrey

Hi Humphrey,

I can’t think of any reasonable explanation for this - except perhaps something weird being retained in the driver. To be sure Cantabile’s functioning correctly I’d need to see a debug log.


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