Problem related to The Legend


Hi community,

I have a special problem with one certain rack. There is only “The Legend” (Synapse audio) inside and till yesterday it ran flawlessliy. Now I have the problem, that calling up a setlist with some songs inside (and some of them using this special rack) show, that the plugin isn`t loaded (this little red icon). This is true for every song using the rack.

If I load the plugin or the rack in a new song everything is fine. And even if I load the mentioned setlist, call a new song, load the rack and then call any of the songs using the rack everything is fine again.

Meanwhile I rebuilt the setlist, saved the rack with a different name and mapped this to the songs - everything without any effect.

Any ideas?

Thanks and regards, humphrey


Just got this fixed by rolling back to 3530…:thinking:

Edit: this only worked at first glance. After shutting down windows four times the rack was damaged again. Not sure what‘s going on here…


Hi Volker,

Have you looked at the log files for more info or tried the console logger for any clues?



Not yet, but will do. Even though not sure if there will ne any results as nothing is crashing…


I thought it might indicate why it didn’t load the plugin but we’ll see.


Ah, I see what you mean.

Meanwhile the problem is facing in different manner: it loads but the sounds I saved sometimes get corrupted. This can also happen during the use inside a setlist: when calling the referenced song for the first time, it‘s o.k., calling it a second time may or may not change all parameters.

It feels like something I did during the last days damaged some mechanisms inside the rack and the more I‘m testing the more I think it would probably be a good idea to get me the latest backup and rebuild the rest from scratch.

Anyway: thanks for sharing your thoughts,

kind regards, humphrey


As a follow up for whom it may interest:

I think I‘ve found the problem: as it seems the x64 version of „The Legend“ is source of troubles. In the net I found several references of users reporting similar issues with several DAWs (cantabile, Live Professor and some more).

Randomly the plugin doesn‘t load. Additionally host automation seems to introduce troubles which can explain the loss of states in my rack.

Since using the x86 version in combination with jbridge no oddities so far. Also latest release of c3 (3532) didn‘t change this.

Obviously the x64 of The Legend seems to be sort of a dirty hack.

Regards, humphrey