Problem loading kontakt libraries



after getting synchronisation of my 2 machines managed via dropbox another problem pops up: wheras regular kontakt-libraries (those which occour in boxes on the left side of the kontakt window) are loaded seemlessly on both machines libraries that are loaded by using the “file-open” dialog make trouble. A window with this text pops up:

“content missing, xxxx files could not be found”.

The files are listet and it reads:
“File… assumed at …”

The places mentioned are places on drives of the machine the racks were created on (please keep in mind that both machines share the rack-files via drop box).

This means storage places are obviously bound to the racks. If I’d change this on the second machine by tweaking the racks I’d most probably get the problem on the first machine in response as racks are sychronized.

How do you manage this in your setups (or don’t you use these typs of libraries)?

Regards, Volker

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Hey Volker,

If you can, make sure the libraries are on the same Drive Letter and Path. Since they are not you can change the disk drive letter and volume label in windows disk utilities for one of the machines to get the Drive letter the same. If it’s the path and the drive letters are already the same then move the library files to the same Path on both machines (make an arbitrary choice which machine will be changed) and then correct the missing files on C3 startup and re-save your all your racks and songs (open the racks and re-save them as well if they have kontakt in them). That’s how I had to do it. Otherwise you have to “correct” Kontakt and re-save the song rack files etc for all missing files each time you upgrade each machine.



Hi Dave,

I’ll try this in the evening.

Thanks again and regards, Volker


You need to open Kontakt standalone on each machine, go to File/Options and the Database tab and explicitly hit the “Add” button and add the folder where the samples exist for that sound. Then hit the “Update” button.

This has nothing to do with Cantabile - that was a coincidence that the racks were in that mentioned drive location, methinks.



Terry, This is something new to me, do you only need do it once and then no more worries? Does the 1 machine need this fix each time? Please explain more.




Hi Terry, hi Dave,

first off: thanks for also chiming in here, Terry. I tried what you described but unfortunately had no success so far as kontakt still doesn’t find the samples and pretends on the paths taken from my laptop.

But I confess: I only trid this on the machine making troubles.

What I remember: when I first used these libraries by simply copying the racks from laptop to PC by hand I could fix the problem by re-storing the rack. But this is no way to go as it needs two non-identical racks (atm my racks reside inside drop-box with physical copies on both machines).

I also tried to create a new drive with the same drive letter as the one the samples reside on my laptop also with no success so far. But this could probably have a completely different reason: when I set up my laptop some years ago I decided (for a reason I don’t remember today) to place the c3 exe files to drive f: instead of c:. So it is probably impossible to leave samples in an adequate relative branch on my ssds.

However: I will try to further investigate this and report back.

Kind regards, Volker

Edit: after some attempts I got it managed. The method Dave described works (if one follows carefully his instructions :innocent: :blush: ). It is really the drive letter & path that has to fit completely.

Thanks for helping out and have a nice week, Volker


Well, you actually have to KNOW where you installed the samples. That is the whole point of using the “Add” button there - to show Kontakt where the samples are. It cannot “guess” for third-party sounds.

And yes, once you have Kontakt set up for that machine, it is its own database that handles knowing where stuff is placed. It does not get any information like that from Cantabile. Be sure to do this adding and updating from the standalone version of Kontakt. Do it once and never need to do it again unless you reinstall in a different location. Most people put Kontakt and other NKS stuff into their C:\users\Public\Documents folder.


EDIT: Ahh - just saw your edit - glad you have it working! :slight_smile: