Problem concerning media player


from time to time I use media players as singleshot sampleplayers by mapping a key to the play by a binding. This works very well and is really quick to implement.

Today I called up a song I created some time using this scenario - in this case in a special way: there is a small sequence I play on the keyboard in some parts of the song and the first key has a binding to start a sample inside media player.

In comparison to a sampler like kontakt the media player fortunately doesn’t retrigger the sample when I press the mapped key again during the sample sounds (which is the case here).

My problem now: I get strong clicks when I press the key (media player audio stream is shortly imterrupted but sample doesn’t stop). Once I even got a situation where media player was stopped when I pressed the key during sample play which finally led to a complete crash. I may be wrong but cannot remember that this has happened in the past.

So my request is: are there probably new settings meanwhile influencing this or have changes been implemented that could cause this? Or is it just me not having noticed this in the past?

If there is no solution inside cantabile I’d also be glad for a solution in kontakt or battery.

Thanks in advance, humphrey

Update: I did some more invesigation and found:

  1. The effect was definitely not there in the past. Up to rev. 3241 everything is fine. Beginning with rev. 3242 trouble beginns.

  2. Testing on a weaker machine led to reproducable crashes of cantabile. In most cases c3 crashes without crash reports. In 2 cases crash reports could be sent to brad.

All in all this not only seems to be an inconvenience but a serious bug.

Regards, humphrey

Hi @humphrey

Are the media files .wav, .mp3 or flac. If mp3 or flac, could you try converting it to a wav and let me know if the same problem happens?

Reviewing the changes in 3242 I can’t see anything specifically pertaining to the media players but anything is possible…


Hi Brad,

unfortunately it was .wav.

Regards, humphrey

Thanks @humphrey - it’s on my list to look at before the next build.

OK, I’ve checked this out… it’ll be fixed in the next build.

Also, it sounds like you want the clip to re-trigger every time the note is played. This will work so long as the previous time has finished playing - Cantabile doesn’t support playing the same media file at different places at the same time except by using two media players. What you really want is either a plugin loop/clip player, or this.

In the meantime, I’ve put in a new binding “Play from Start” which will play the media file from the start even if currently playing elsewhere. It might cut the tail of short clips if you retrigger fast enough, but should cover your needs a little better.

This will be in the next build.



Hi Brad,

First off: thanks alot for fixing this. :grinning:

Then: the new option is nice but I was aware of the way it was implemented and it was exactly what I wanted:

I play a small sequence by hand and the first note of this sequence starts media file. As I necessarily come across this first trigger note during the playtime of the file it must NOT be retriggered and that’s what the player did. I was not able to reproduce this with any other sampler I have available here.

Kind regards, humphrey

Short response: bug is fixed.:sunglasses:

Thanks, humphrey

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