Post Something Pointless and Stupid thread

The softer side of Kojak!


In case you didn’t know:

Volume 2 is the real winner here. Although if you have to hear it you’re not a winner.


It’s a classic! Just watch the full hour. What else are you gonna do?


I watched the full hour. With friends. Result?

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For those who did not get enough from the Badgers.

Careful…it may lead to further addiction…such as:

And worst of all…

Time to go to some meetings and therapy. Get that monkey off your back!

Speaking of monkeys:

Everybody’s got something to hide except for the Man in the Yellow Hat and his monkey.

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Always thought there was something weird there. The only yellow hats I’ve every seen were on the pimps uptown. Many other colors too.

Meanwhile, in Finland…


I’d like to see him jump in the ocean. That song is atrocious. It’s like setting up all those keys to play Billy Don’t Be A Hero

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For those who haven’t seen it, your lives are now complete:


Shatner’s not content to just chew up the scenery. He’s turned into a black hole sucking up an entire galaxy.


Shatner’s awesome though. Can you imagine him and James Spader on the same show? The universe would implode.

Oh wait- that happened.


Shatner’s got nothing on Telly. Telly is too cool. “Who loves ya, baby?”

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Where on earth did you find that!? :slight_smile:

I don’t remember :sweat_smile: it was originally on Adult Swim though.

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A little outside the realm of “pointless and stupid”. Was just a nice discovery.


One of my favorite songs ever! The lyrics are classic :smiley:

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I never saw this one. Thought I would share it with you. I was geeking youtube and it magically appeared.

Yessongs the Movie is online too!