Plugin to define CC curve?


Anyone aware of a plugin that can be used to create a user defined curve for midi CC?

The issue is that expression pedals are linear, and the target software may or may not be linear.

For example a software wah pedal response has no resemblance to hardware wah feel in terms of foot movement.

Such a plugin could be used to address this issue.


I use this:

There is also:

But, Cantabile has a built in cc curve adjustment as well to control a hardware pedal (example: using with a wah vst).

I don’t know what wah vst, and pedal you are using, but many of the better ones have their own adjustments. I have no problem dialing in a realistic feel.


I figured you would have something for this…thanks Corky!

I’m using the Neural DSP “Cory Wong” amp simulator, and its actually pretty good but no way to adjust the wah foot response…hence the question.

I also figured Cantabile might have something in it. Do you know if its “Performer” only?


Not sure, but will check it out, unless someone else chimes in first. Are you in solo version? I would have thought Neural had some adjustment, but, you never know.


Solo has it…Lite version doesn’t.


Cantabile Solo is intended for lightweight live performance and/or home studio use. Cantabile Solo includes everything from Lite plus the following:

  • Media Players - play audio and MIDI files either directly to output or process them through plugins.
  • Automatic Recording - record audio and/or MIDI as you play.
  • Set Lists - create a list of Cantabile song files and easily step through them.
  • Advanced MIDI Routing - support for channel mapping, controller mapping, velocity curves, keyboard splits, transpose settings and more…
  • Embedded Racks - racks are like self contained groups of plugins and other objects. (Embedded racks are saved in the parent song file and can’t be shared across songs).
  • MIDI Filters - low level filtering and mapping of MIDI events.
  • Bindings - control just about anything from an external MIDI control surface. eg: map a button to start/stop recording or to load the next song, map knobs and sliders to plugins settings, gain controls etc… Bindings let you control your entire setup without having to touch the PC keyboard or mouse.


I’m on Solo so will check it out. I could have sworn I saw a plug that let you draw the curve kind of like available in top shelf photo software…but who knows, maybe I’m only remembering the photo software and subconsciously wishing…


Hi Sekim,

If I get it right I think you want the curve response feature is built into the target routes in the bindings if that helps.

It is also available as a MIDI filter you can put on any input route. This filter can be applied to a variety of functions.




I knew I saw something!

But Win 32 bit only :frowning:


Thanks, Dave. I’ll definitely check this functionality out. It would be great to have a portable solution so it could also be used in a recording DAW. (without needing to reinvent the wheel)


Worth a try?


I’ve used Dave’s example above on many vsts when using expression pedal to control parameters, especially when my hands aren’t free to turn knobs or use mod wheel. Most DAWs have CC curve options built in…just saying. :wink:


I hear you. But I’ll want to do a curve as close to my hardware BudWah as possible and willing to spend an hour or so creating it.

So would like that to be portable so I don’t have to recreate it in each DAW I happen to use…

I have some good things to try from this thread and will keep searching if needed. Will post with whatever I found…

To me the ideal plugin would allow markup the way Samplitude does, simply pen over a box consisting of 127 adjacent bars to draw the desired curve. Fine tune till joy and done.



Just fair warning…I will be in your area of the state after Thanksgiving. So if you feel an overwhelming presence of excellence, you will know from whence it came. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner! Thanks The_Elf!

Can quickly draw and tweak curve like top shelf photo software, can save as preset.

Can also do a lot of other stuff.

Is Win 64 and saved curve is completely portable across DAWs.

Thanks everyone for all the ideas!

LOL, also supports college algebra if you want to type in your own function!


Hmmm…naught minus naught equals naught. That’s my mathematical limit. :grin:


Yeah, I’m thinking I’ll just stick with clicking nodes on the curve and dragging them around…lol!

But in all seriousness, its great to be able to have a portable curve. Let’s just say adapting to different gear in a timely fashion is not among my core competencies!


Either the presence of excellence or a slight increase in the wild turkey population I’m not sure :grin: either way you’re welcome in these rocky hills anytime because basically no one comes here that could be somewhere else :rofl: Anyway I hope your visit is a good time Corky and I wish you the best!



This plug is open source, been around since 2013. Pretty slick plugin for an open source that old…

Here’s the link to source code for anyone interested


Sooo are you talking personalities or bootlegging?? :rofl:


I would assume both. :laughing: