Plugin to define CC curve?


OK, I’m absolutely loving this plugin! Very easy to dial in a curve for expression pedal that feels like my BudWah.

Also, a heads up that Melda’s MEqualizer (from their free suite) has several wah pedal presets and in trying these out for the first time today, must say they are among the most convincing I’ve tried.

Highly recommend auditioning these if you use a lot of wah.

These presets are also in their paid MFilter plugin, which is an expanded version of MEqualizer (and totally worth the price of admission IMO).

But I will say the best I’ve heard so far is in Neural DSP’s Archetype Cory Wong. It’s a dead ringer for a GCB-95.

Also, Melda has Wet/Dry on their plugins…something exceptionally useful for wah IMO…as well as brick wall limiter if you want.


Hi Sekim,

I bought this one when I needed wah for covering “Money”:

The only real wah pedal I’ve used was an 80’s Dunlop Crybaby - I thoughthe Kuassa did a good job emulating it.


The Kuassa is really good. I have several other vsts I use as well. I still have a Cry Baby (somewhere) I purchased in 1970 to use with my Wurly. :wink: I have another that has special fx switches, along with the wah…I guess they thought we needed a siren and wind noise in those days. :laughing: Several others I have in storage, but don’t remember what they even look like.


What I like about the Melda presets is that, take their the Cry Baby preset for example, while it may not be much of a copy of a GCB-95, it is a very good sounding wah in its own right imo. Very clean but musical imo.

But the UI on the Efektor is probably a lot easier to deal with…and the price is right.


Glad that plug has worked out for you.

By sheer co-incidence I today found myself needing to alter the curve of some MIDI pitchbend data that I’m using as mixer fader controls. I decided to try MIDI Shape Shifter for myself. I have linear data coming in, but I want a quick rise at low values and gentler curve at the top.

Firstly I couldn’t make head or tail of the maths. I made some vague guesses, but nothing really worked properly for me. When I did get a curve that sort of worked I couldn’t get the data to go down to minimum and was left with a hanging fader on a fade-out.

Then I decided instead to use Cantabile’s own curve filter. That worked, but it doesn’t really like pitchbend values in the fields (can’t set negative values, for instance), and I had trouble getting the curve to go down to minimum value, just as with the MSS plug-in, and was once again left with a hanging fader on a fade-out. I set a higher incoming value in the Cantabile filter and that managed to cure it.

Just though I’d share.

Is not being able to set negative values for pitchbend in the curve filter a bug?


I just tested this into MidiOx so I could see the data and I have no problem getting midi 0 thru midi 7F (127) using the MSS plugin and PitchBend.

Since it is an Input vs Output graph, you will need to ensure that each end of the curve is in the absolute corner to get 0-127 output.

The easiest way is to double click on the line to create a new node and just drag it to the lower left corner for zero. Then do another node and drag it to the upper right corner for 127 (7F).

Now you can click as many new nodes in the curve and drag them where needed to get the response you want.

Of course if you don’t want it to ever go to zero or 127, just drag the corner nodes along the axis to create the response you want.


Yes, I don’t really get it. I had zero values set on the left in both cases, but the faders wouldn’t reach zero.

As I said, I managed to fix it by setting the lowest incoming value to a higher number, and in my case I’m happy with Cantabile’s curve filter, so job done.

The live streamed gig is saturday, so I’ll let all you folks know where to find me - all running under Cantabile!