Play Range order


I just play around with Play Ranges to get a dynamic loop function. This works well so far but the creation of Play Ranges drives me nuts:

I use bindings with Indexed Play Ranges. The problem is I neither found a possibility to place a new Play Range to a certain position of the list (or probably I didn’t understand the logic behind) nor am I able to re-arrange the order of defined Play Ranges. Accordingly the Indexes of all Play Ranges sitting beyond a new one change which is really cumbersome. Is there probably a way I‘m not aware?

Thanks and regards, humphrey

You’re right, this area is fairly limited at this time and due for a major rewrite at some point soon.

In the meantime, not sure if this helps but the order of play ranges is dictated by their start position in the media file.

Oh yes, that absolutely helps!:sunglasses:

Thanks and regards, humphrey

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