Place to share racks

Is there any centralized location where people share stuff they’ve set up that might be useful? For instance, I have a rack I’ve set up to fully automate a Voicelive Touch 2, and one to set the pad colors on my MPK261 per song. Stuff like that might be interesting to folks.

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There’s this, that I started but you may wish to make new post, please put under category “Shared Files”

Thanks for contributing!



I’m using a VoiceLive Touch, so for me it would certainly be interesting to take a look at your rack and see if it works for my VLT!


My VLT2 comes in tomorrow. I’ve been using a similar setup for my Perform-VK, but found the device was far too limited since there was no way change effect modes via MIDI and it only has 3 presets. I’ve written the VLT2 rack using the MIDI info from the manual, but haven’t been able to test it yet.

On a side note, anyone want to buy a Perform-VK? LOL

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