PIZ Plugin Package

I’m providing a package of the prolific PIZ plugins that have proved productive for a plethora of purposes.

This was part of my project to develop small Cantabile song files for each of my virtual instruments and effects … to let me quickly preview them. Along the way, I organized all the Insert PIZ Here plugins (both originals from Reuben Vinal and the recent ports to VST3x64 by Simon Leiner), and also assembled a document from many of the documentation sources that I’ve found.

The package is not perfect and may be missing some things (be happy to hear feedback on that), but it has proved useful to me to have some organization and centralized documentation. The plugins themselves are copied from my own VST storage, so it has a snapshot of the config files from my own use of these plugins.

Hope it proves useful!

EDIT: Scan down this discussion for later versions of the release package and documentation … The 10th message is currently the latest release …


Thanks, Clint.

By the way, the license for these plugins, as far as I can tell, is GNU GPL v2 and v3.0. See

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Thanks Clint, I was not aware of the VST3 ports!

Stumbled on the VST3 port by Simon Leiner by accident while looking for PIZ documentation …

For those who may want just the documentation (which is included in the full Plugin Package from the first post in this thread), here is a direct download of the PDF:


Thank you! The Piz plugs are amongst my most used, and I also didn’t know there were VST3 versions. This will take them into my future.

Thanx Clint!

BTW: @brad provided a fix to the NoteMap plugin in the PizMIDI plugin set some years ago:

(there was a bug in that plug that caused notes to shift)

Might be useful to include in your package.




Excellent! Thanks for that …

Basic VST question: If I want to have access to both the original VST2x64 and the Brad variant, can I simply rename midiNoteMap.dll to midiNoteMap_BR.dll?

Will that work or cause havoc at some stage?

I suspect this may create havoc at some point - plugins contain internal ID codes that VST hosts will identify them by (among other properties). So if you have two different DLLs with the same plugin ID, this may confuse a host. Not sure if Cantabile uses this ID (or goes simply by DLL and path), but some other hosts certainly do. So better not do it.

And why would you want to have a faulty plugin on your system in the first place?

Here’s is an updated version of the package, with Brad’s updated version of midiNoteMap.dll and 3 additional pages of documentation (I had neglected to document 4 of the plugins).

The full package:

… and a direct link to the documentation PDF: