Pitchbend Dual Control

Hi Folks,

I have a task I need some help with. Within a Route Filter I want to:

(1) Remap Pitchbend to a latched CC93 in the range of {0 to 8191} and,
(2) Remap Pitchbend to a latched CC1 in the range of {-1 to -8192}

So far I have (1) working but I’m not getting any MIDI monitor response with (2). I’m missing something, entering wrong data, or maybe this just can’t be achieved. I’m not sure what it is.


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Hi Al,

I’m not sure if this is it but usually I think of pitch bend in Cantabile as 0~16383. So the up on the pitch bend is 8192 to 16383 and the down pitch wheel is 8192 to 0. So no negative numbers in that method. It might work but not certain.


Hi Dave,

In the settings values for range mine peak out at 8191 and bottom out at -8192. Maybe this is something that has to be done with bindings instead?


Edit: I just checked bindings and the value limits are the same there too. I don’t think ranges are the problem. It might be a conflict of PB being able to be assigned more than one controller at a time.

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Hi @brad,

Is it possible to split Pitchbend into two different CC’s? Left of center uses one CC and right of center uses another CC?


Try this: (note the use of “Copy Event” on the first filter and on both “Out of Range” set to “Discard” )



You are amazing! Could you please explain to us how the copy event works or did I miss that in one of your guides?

EDIT: I see it in the “MIDI Filter Types” but it’s still hard for me to grasp. More examples of using them would help me a lot. Maybe that’s something that could be added when you’re not as busy? :smiley:

Thank you!


The “copy event” checkbox basically means pass through the original event untouched (as well as doing whatever this filter is configured to do). It’s required here otherwise the first filter will eats the pitch bend event before the second filter sees it.

(it’s actually a bad name for that setting but it dates back to when this was just a cc to cc mapping filter and you wanted to create a new CC event as opposed to just modifying the original).


Hi Al,

I’m dying to know what you’re using this for. I ended up buying Bome Midi Translator. I wanted pedal 1 on my FCB1010 sweep up the pitch bend from 8192 to 16383 (not the expression pedal) and pedal 2 to sweep down from 8191 to 1. I got some help from Steve Caldwell over at the Bome forum.

Hi Doug,

I’m working on Dave Dore’s B-3X Factory rack and wanted to try using Pitchbend to control both Leslie Speed and Brake. The Copy Event that Brad showed us does indeed allow us to split PB. Now I’m using a latched CC1 on PB left and a latched CC93 on PB right. I’m not sure yet if latching both sides is going to work out well though, I’m still experimenting.

I have no experience with Bome Midi Translator so I can’t offer any help there. Hope you get your pedals figured out. I don’t have the FCB1010 to work with but I’ll bet you Dave could help with it.

What can you do in Borne that you can not do in Cantabile?

I also have my pitch bends (plural, there are three sticks on the Studiologic SL88, all three with both X and Y movements, and three movements with springs so they go back to center) set up to send me both pitch bend commands AND CC commands, works well … and I have not yet figured out what to use them for. I use the stick with free horizontal movement as a (very) small halfmoon switch, and another as a substitute for a button, for no particular reason other than it started like this before I got my SL Mixface.

Hi @TorstenH

Nice keyboard!

While I was reading about it I also noticed the StudioLogic SLP3-D Piano-Style Triple Sustain Pedal. Maybe this is a dumb question but are you able to program each pedal in Cantabile or is StudioLogic software needed to do that? I would like to try one if I can control it with Cantabile.


I have the pedal, but I think that is specially made for the keyboard - the keyboard needs to be able to understand the t-r-s kombinations. But if you have the SL keyboard it is fully configurable in the keyboard to specify what CCs are send for the two switch pedals and the continues pedal, and CCs are very easy to work with in cantabile. Let me know if you want to measure anything about spec in the pedal.

You’re right, I need a 2 or 3 switch MIDI foot controller instead. Thanks.

I found what I want Roland RPU-3


I use that RPU-3 on my rig …

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Do you like it? The description and reviews I’ve seen on it are all good. I’ve already pulled the trigger on it. :smiley:

Yea, it’s great. It is made for the Roland pianos so the pedals are continuous CC output (0~127) so they can be used for half pedaling but they also are essentially 3 expression pedals with very short throws. Handy in a lot of ways. I needed to make continuous to momentary filters in some cases but Cantabile made it easy to pull off. Hope that helps …

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That’s just what I needed to hear! It’s supposed to arrive Tuesday and I’m really looking forward to it.

I have the expression pedal set with a wide “middle area” that goes to 8192 so I can get back to pitch easily. Heel down sweeps downward to 1. Toe down sweeps up to 16383. If I move towards the middle about 1/3rd of the expression pedal’s movement in the middle keeps PW at 8192

I’m using it for pedal steel emulation

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That sounds pretty cool Doug. I’ve never tried to copy a pedal steel. Would you care to upload us a sample recording to demonstrate? I’d love to hear it.

Will do, I’m using Wavelore Pedal Steel 2. The developer is supposed to be releasing version 3 which is quite different in operation, he’s overdue on his originally projected August 2021 release. I’m going to put up a live performance but in the meantime this is what it can sound like: