Pitchbend Dual Control

That definitely sounds like the real deal but man, I can’t imagine trying to play it live. It sounds so complicated, but then I guess one doesn’t learn how to play that instrument overnight. It’s a great sound to have in any band. How long have you been working at this and do you already have some background with the real instrument?

Those are great questions. I have had limited time on an actual 3 pedal, 1 knee lever PSG so I know what I’m up against. I’ve also borrowed a lap steel long term.

First I watched a lot of PSG tutorials on YouTube which was helpful. I wanted to figure out what kind of licks can be played in the Wavelore 2 model where you’re limited to monophonic portamento when outside the range of the “position” you’re in. I also had to sort out the purpose of switching string sets which happens when you press the sustain pedal. Watching people playing actual PSG’s helped me understand that.

After I watched the above video I had the idea to assign the 10 foot pedal switches on the FCB1010 to change “positions” and one of the expression pedals to pitchbend (other is for all important volume).

I’m taking on a song by song basis - so far I’ve worked out something for Elliot Smith’s “Between The Bars”.

I’ve always loved the haunting sound of PSG in rock songs, lap steel doesn’t quite get you there so I’m hoping I can practice this to the point I can use it live.

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I had to investigate this some more today. I’ve always wondered what exactly the pedals and knee levers do and this video helped shed some light on a lot of it for me. Maybe some other people are interested too? :grinning:

Pedal Steel Guitar - Everything You Need To Know


Great link - somehow I missed that one. He mentioned Dire Straits “On Every Street” which I hadn’t added to my “PSG in Rock” playlist although I have other songs featuring Paul Franklin.

Corky has used the Wavelore VST in a band


That I’ve done!!

I’ve played a real one too.

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This version of Speak To Me / Breathe is a good example of why I love hearing a bit of PSG (supposed to be Skunk Baxter) in a rock song: