Pianoteq 6 has been released

Just released. Funny that I posted last night about the upper octave being to loud relative to the rest of the keyboard. To my ear, the upgrade has addressed the problem. Overall quality of sound better for pianos, some more subtle that others. Vintage Reeds (WI) sound smoother (less harsh) compared to version 5


Cool, gonna check it out! I’m never quite fallen in love enough with Pianoteq to buy it. Probably shouldn’t say this but Cantabile should provide an excellent way to get around the disabled notes demo cripple lol


I’ve been pretty much of the same mind Fred. I love the responsiveness of Pianoteq but the sound has always left me a little “meh” for want of a better word. The midrange mostly. It just doesn’t quite have that “yep, that’s a real piano” sound.
Perhaps V6 is closer. Worth checking out.

Since getting Keyscape a few weeks ago, I have a new favourite grand piano. The Yammy they’ve captured is the best feel of any sample library I’ve used and the sound ticks all my boxes.

Autumn Leaves recorded using Pianoteq 6 Steinway D Jazz preset. This isn’t meant to show off my skills- at this point, I’m an “early intermediate” jazz pianist at best. To my ear the recorded notes sound pretty crisp and lively. Of course, listening can be a very subjective thing!


I have updated Pianoteq 5 to v.6. It has replaced P5 in my Piano rack. I have encountered a problem that I can’t resolve.
When I use Global Transpose P6 changes keys in whole steps rather in semitones. I experimented by loading P6 outside a rack and the Global Transpose works as it should. (I did not encounter this problem with P5). Is there something I have overlooked?

Redsurfer, I’m pretty sure this thread will help you out.

Thanks, LeesKeys.
Brad’s suggestion in the thread you provided did the trick! I’m still mystified as to why this is a problem with P6 and not P5.
Anyway, the work-around provided works fine.
On another note, I’m still getting used to the improved clarity of P6 over P5…

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“getting used to” - is that a good or bad thing?

It’s a good thing…like trying to harness the power of a Maserati after driving a Sprint. (That may be an exaggeration!)
My first impression is of a more focused sound, especially in the bass and middle. It’s a pretty dramatic difference to P5 with the acoustic pianos (I have Steinway D and B); not as much with the electric pianos.

I’m intrigued! Adding characters there we go.