Patched 3615 with fix for RME Fireface Audio Drivers


I don’t usually do this, but I’ve re-released build 3615 with a fix for issues with RME Fireface audio drivers. Usually I’d just do a new experimental build but wanted to get this out in a build without the new preset model feature. If you’ve already got 3615 installed you can get this fix by simply downloading and re-installing that build again.

If you’re having issues with RME drivers - especially after using Options -> Audio Engine and/or Option -> Audio Ports, please give this build a go.

This fix is also included in experimental build 3620 for those who like living on the edge.


Crashing with Fireface UFX II

I am glad to report that the fix is indeed successful.


I did try a few experiments with my MADIFace and had no crashes before or after. Also with a Fireface 800.



I did some quick test with fireface ufx II and 3615 here and couldn‘t initiate a crash so far.

Respect! @brad for your activities on an issue that seems to be caused by a driver issue of the complete fireface/babyface series and shame on RME for their ignorance and arrogance.

Kind regards, humphrey


Thanx for rolling this into the stable build, @brad - works nicely!


Ran this build for a few days now and did the same things that made it crash before. I tried a few different times in the same sessions and it did not crash at all. I will test it some more but it appears to be fixed!

Thanks @brad!



Imo, there should be a split in development again.
Update the stable 3615 that has also some major changes lately.
And 3700 series with vst3.
It just isn’t ready yet for release and i think many problems will come up with it.
Or maybe release 3615.xx :grin:


Not necessary. The biggest concern I have with the current experimental builds is the preset model feature - because it affects file formats, saved songs and the ability to revert to previous builds. I’m nearly at the point of accepting that this is now stable.

The VST 3 support doesn’t need to be 100% stable to continue with this development branch as it can be easily disabled/avoided.


Ok thx, looking forward to the stable version to switch.


Hey All,

New issue came up with this build for me. No crashes but the “Notes Only” setting would not save for the input routes. Rolled back to 3609 and it works there. Anyone else have this issue?



Interesting one: yes, I have the same issue with 3615; ticking the “Notes Only” box in the route settings doesn’t work - the tick gets removed on closing the dialog with “OK”; the setting never works.

But this isn’t due to the RME patch - just tested it with the unpatched 3615 - same result. Looks like this one crept in all on its own…




Arg, sorry guys. I’ll get it fixed in the morning.



Thanks for confirmation @Torsten and @brad … it explains the changes in behavior! Glad it’s nothing big :grin:


Just put up a second patch to 3615 that fixes this. Sorry again

(And @Torsten I also snuck in your request for toggling VST params)


Thank You Brad,

On your day off no less! I’ll try it as soon as I can …


Update : Worked properly on Notes Only issue. FWIW the latest build 3622 also inherited the issue as well and maybe it was there for a while but definitely not until after 3609.


Yep, I realize that. The fix has been applied to that branch too - I just haven’t done a build since.