Panning a linked rack?


I’ve never noticed this before, but the Speed, Pan and Fade controls are not present for racks (unlike individual plug-ins). Is there a way to pan a linked rack?


Unfortunately not directly - missing that as well. @brad: any reason why this couldn’t be available for racks? At least for the first connected stereo pair?




I can’t remember off hand why this isn’t implemented but I’ll look into it.

To be clear… you want a pan setting on the parent song, or within the rack itself?


I want a pan setting for the rack in the parent song, so I can pan the (first) output of the rack in the stereo image. Currently, I need to insert a panner inside the rack to do this and open the rack every time I want to simply move the rack output in the stereo image - cumbersome…




I’m just looking to be able to pan the rack sound within the song, however that might be set up.


Hi @brad
I am reviving this thread, because I was just wondering indeed if it is possible to pan a linked rack, which currently it seems it isn’t.
Is this still on your radar, or could we request you to look at possible implementation of this? As @Torsten commented, I’d appreciate having a pan setting for a linked rack in the parent song




This is a related request