Pagefault problem (solved)

Hi community,

just have a serious problem with a preused laptop: just got me (nearly) the same model (acer aspire v3 772g) as I already use for live as a hot standby solution.

After some tweaking (glitch free book etc.) I‘m getting massive cpu load problems in cantabile: load is dramatically higher than with my standard system. Digging deeper into this shows there are very high page fault counts (30000-60000) even though only using one plug without much RAM use. So I reduced the load: no plugins, null audio driver and finally audio engine off(!!), page faults if 30000 and more persist.

Meanwhile I checked RAM, updated drivers, substituted RAM by another type and turned off all unnecrssary devices like LAN, WLAN, BT, DVD,… without any success.

The only remaing device beeing definitely weak and possibly able to explain the effect is the hdd (here also the OS resides / the seller substituted the ssd by an older 5400rpm hdd to offer a low price😉).

Atm I hasitate to buy an 1tb ssd 860 (which was the plan) as I‘m not sure this will solve the problem.

Any ideas?

Thanks and regards, humphrey

Edit: just grabbed a smaller ssd from an elder laptop, substituted the hdd and did a fresh install of win10 -> everthing fine, reason was the hdd -> problem solved