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New to Cantabile and this forum. Thanks to those of you who convinced me to jump in!

I apologize if this has been asked, but I can’t find it. I was hoping for a way to organize a large number of plugins into subfolders or new headings in the “Insert Plugin” box to make it easier to sift through a large-ish library. It isn’t awful, just cumbersome. Would be nice to organize by developer, type of effect, etc. Is there an elegant way to do it, or must I continue with the inelegant renaming of .dlls and repairing the registry :wink:


Hi Norm,

Currently there is no easy solution for your request, however it is a good thing to request and maybe @brad can improve this in the future. It would require some changes to the plugins menu but the data you want to use for organizing is already stored in the plugins.json and the plugins.cache.json files.


Hi @normtailor

Cantabile 2 used to have options to build a hierarchy of plugins based on the folder structure but I removed it all from Cantabile 3 because everyone wanted a different way of doing things.

For v3 I instead resorted to a simple category list on the left and fast location of plugins by search. The only thing similar that remains is the By Folder category.

Have you tried just typing a few letters of the plugin you’re after?

If that doesn’t help I’d be interested in the use case for a more complex organization method - bearing in mind this software is mainly focused on live performance - not a plugin/preset manager.


Hey guys,
Thanks for the quick reply! This is absolutely not a deal breaker and I will be using C3 live once I get it all planned out (musical measure twice/cut once :+1:t3:)

My only thought is that if one purchases a plugin suite like Waves etc, there are a ridiculous number of plugins to sort through. I can use the “favorites” folder, just didn’t want it to get cluttered.

Really looking forward to being more conversant in C3. My band(s) are going to soil themselves when they see this sick new setup. Thank you!



Hi Norm

I, unfortunately, had most of my plugins setup as the installers wanted, and tried to do some “house cleaning” later on. I believe I actually made it worse. When I loaded C3 for the first time, the scan time took awhile. I also have Waves, but rarely use them, so I deleted the link in plugin options and do not have to deal with the many plugs in that program. Also, I find my usage of the favorites folder being dominant. I have MANY plugins still, but really don’t find it being a problem, especially with the “insert plugin” search box. I also am finding myself using the same 12-20 plugins on most everything, now that I know what works well, and what doesn’t.



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Thanks Corky,

Agree I’ll need to prune the FX tree sooner rather than later. Kind of spoiled on my home desktop that can handle pretty much anything. It’ll come I’m sure.

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I am new to this forum. Have been using Cantabile over the years, but only recently intensively. I have now made the move to Cantabile Performer and going to use it for gigging

organising my ~700+ plugins would indeed nice. Would be a good addition to Catabile. A few simple tags would help already:
Instruments: PianoAc, PianoEP, Synth, Organ, Guitar, Strings, Brass, Woodwinds, Bass, Drum, Other
Effects: EQ, Reverb, Dynamics, Chorus/Phase, Delay, DeEss, Tape, Tube, Other

This would already be a great help

I used typing in letters. That helps, but I don’t know the names of all 700, and not always the names are logical…

Great software by the way. I am just realising that a little late…


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I’ve logged it here. Lets see how well it gets voted for.


Cubase 10’s management is quite nice - and you can add snaps of the plugins for easier ID.
Arrange however you want - by manufacturer, type. Plugins can live in several sub headings. e.g Omnisphere could be under Spectrasonics and in Polysynths.


New feature Plugin Tags, available now.

Really great Brad. Good to see that you take feedback this serious!

The more I use Cantabile, the more I realise this is spot on what i need for gigging… First Cantabile gig this wednesday…

Remaining wish - after experimenting with the tags already: renaming the tags after having created them; I can’t figure out if that is possible at the moment. In case somebody made a typo or has other reasons for renaming, this will help.

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Good luck! Do let us know how it goes!!


This can be currently be done using a good text editor like Notepad ++ or equivalent with search and replace capability to edit the “plugins.user.json” file in the C3 Settings folder (Tools>Open Settings Folder). After saving it with it’s changes Cantabile will reload with the new tag name(s) next start.



Good suggestion, but in the meantime as a workaround either use @dave_dore’s approach above, or you can do this if you’re not into editing text files:

  1. Bring up the Insert Plugin window
  2. Go to the “By Tags” group
  3. Click the tag you want to rename
  4. Select all the plugins under that tag
  5. Choose Edit Tags
  6. Type the new name and remove the checkmark from the old tag name.
  7. Press OK.