New Feature: Plugin Tags!


New build 3564 introduced plugin tags.

See this guide for more.

Organize Plugins

Love it!!! Simple but so useful!


Thank you @brad! This is going to make song creation a lot easier.


Cool idea/feature! :slight_smile:


Great additonal and useful feature! :slight_smile:


Great! Thanks a lot Brad!

I have just tagged my plugins and organised them. Works very pleasant.

Remaining wish: rename the tag category once created. Can that be done already? If not, I would find that useful, in case you have made a typo or have other reasons to rename

Thanks again



Great feature, simple but effective. Thnx.


I guess, temporarily you can edit the “plugins.user.json” file that Brad mentions, but it would mean understanding how the tagging works (is it via index, or coded names?) so it would be good to be able to correct mistakes if possible from the GUI. We want the lot, don’t we! :wink:


Temporary work around to rename a tag:

  1. Bring up the Insert Plugin window
  2. Go to the “By Tags” group
  3. Click the tag you want to rename
  4. Select all the plugins under that tag
  5. Choose Edit Tags
  6. Type the new name and remove the checkmark from the old tag name.
  7. Press OK.

(ie: use the tags feature to select all the plugins with the old tag name and then add a new tag name and remove the old tag name). :slight_smile:


Awesome! Thanks so much!


This feature is going to be really useful to me, 'cause I always struggle to find the right plugin.
Though, i wish plugins tag search could be refined specifying more than one tag, having as a result all the plugins that have all the specified tags.
For example, one of my tags is “Piano”. Another one is “32 bits”. What if i want to search for all my Piano instruments 32 bit plugins?


Hi @dario,

I considered this when I was implementing it but decided to wait for feedback to get a better idea for exactly how people use tags first before supporting these types of complex queries.

Open to suggestions and other feedback…



This is a useful tool as it offers an option to the Hide. Rather than hide the IKmm T-Racks I have yet to purchase, I can put them in a tag called Buy. Now, they are still visible, if I want, and ignorable, if I am not in a purchasing mood.

Very well done! Thanks. I also like the plugins.user.json exportable file for other configs as I have my performance LT and a back up LT in case of Perf LT failure.


That’s a good use case! :slight_smile: