Organ Plugins - Opinions?


Yeah, i’ve had L’otary for some time, but only use it on a very few things. I like the Melda MRotary much better, but still not what I consider to be great. I am downloading the trial of the UVI Rotary as I type this. Of course, the (ugh) ilok is wanting to get me in “a mood”. Life used to be so simple. Waiting…


Oh, good to know there’s a demo. I’m gonna check it out… wish I could get one for B5.


I am going to try this on B5, if I ever get through ilok. Wanting to see if this makes a difference so I can use it live.


Hey Corky, could check the cpu hit while you demo the quality? Thanks.



Well, my older machine with Win7 and Sonar refuses to acknowledge the plugin exists. See what happens on my Cantabile rig…



In Cantabile the load shows about 6% with just the Rotary by itself. If I play B5 through it, I show as high as 50% with an average around 41%. If I monitor task mgr/cpu I get avg 11%. Is that what you wanted? If not, let me know cause I am still checking it out.



I had to go through a process with ilok, just like authorizing a regular purchase. It did however put the plug in my program files x86/vst folder. It kept asking for an authorization in C3, but during that process, you have to use the “try” button next to authorize.

On the plug…I am getting decent results so far, but it seems to lose some of the B5 warmth. The Demo is good for 15 days, but the sale is only good till April 5. At this point, I won’t pay $79 for it, but I might do $49. At least I have a few days to decide.


Hey that’s great info, thanks Corky!



No prob Dave ! Glad I could help


I’m gettin’ nuthin’… it ran the install and the .dll is in the right folder and Sonar just doesn’t acknowledge it’s there. Probably iLok related, and maybe also due to the fact I insist on using Sonar 8.5! I have to find a newer DAW I like. I hate Sonar X with the intensity of a thousand suns.


It is hard to move on from what you like. I really did not want to move away from XP, and now, I refuse to move away from win7. I do have the plug working well in C3. Haven’t tried it anywhere else yet. Been tweeking and gonna try it live tonight in a couple of songs.


I’ve tried to get into Reaper but my workflow is so insanely fast in Sonar 8 I can’t let it go…


Hey Fred, how do think it compares to the built in offering of the VB3?


Which, Rotary? I haven’t got it working yet…


The Lotary thing.
A lot of people were talking about that and I wondered if I was missing something.


Hi Adrian

The L’otary is a Leslie sim by PSP. It has been out for a few years, but not as good as the VB3 Leslie sim. We were talking about the new UVI Rotary I am testing.


Ah ok! Yeah, I personally don’t think L’otary (does it have the apostrophe?) sounds very real at all. I vastly prefer the Leslie built into VB3 for its overall sound, although it’s a little extreme on the pitch bend on the tremolo speed. The chorale speed is dang near perfect. And it has the amp growl that none of the others can get.


Here is a shootout I just found of the VB3, MVintageRotary, and L’otary. Now, if I could get that sound out of L’otary, I would take back what I said about it.


Yeah L’otary sounded pretty good in that demo - but I think the VB3 can also be tweaked for a more in your face sound.


A lot of these seem to sound good in demo videos. That sounds better than I remember for both of those but when I was playing with them in real life, and especially in a mix, there was just something dead and weird about them. VB3 seems like the loser somehow in that video but when I’m playing it in a band, it wins hands down. A lot of it too is that most emulations seem to favor a super clean, bright “jazz” sound and I want a thick creamy rock sound. The “rock” setting in VB3 is the shizzle.