Organ Plugins - Opinions?


It will not cut through live. I can crank the %&*$ out of it and it doesn’t maintain it’s distinctive features, and turns into mush. I still try to use it in different songs, with different styles, trying to get it tweeked enough to work, but no go. I can depend on VB3 to always sound like what I want it to on stage without much tweeking. It is like once the B5 gets out 6 feet from sound source, it stops as if hitting a brick wall. VB3 does not do that.


This kind of statement always baffle me a little…It depends so much of the live situation…Is it a monitoring problem (phase when summed mono) ? Is it a statement of your FOH guy ? Very different considerations !
In live , i’ve got stereo ear monitors , and with the correct balance , I have exactly the sound I prepared at home on my Adam A7x Monitors…The way it cuts thru or not depends really on your FOH guy…:sweat:

(Sorry for the bad english …maybe ? I’m French :confounded:)


Sorry…wasn’t trying to baffle you. lol! I play in many different venues with different musicians. From small clubs to outdoor festivals… I have talked with many FOH guys about this, and have experimented in sound checks. They notice the difference in the two organs. When I am in a smaller venue, with no FOH I have checked with other musicians I am with, and again, same results. It is like the the piano plugs thread on this site…some pianos work well live, some don’t. I think it is just the plugin. Most of these VST’s are produced to use in a studio situation, so much detail to so many things, within a few short feet of the instrument. Your ear monitors will produce that sound, but get several feet out from a speaker souce toward FOH, and things change. It could be the FOH guy, the sound system, Me with ever worsening ears, the venue, the other musicians, type of music,etc. I just know that there are pianos that start sounding very “tinny” and can’t cut through a mix with a rich sound. I believe B5 has that same problem and Vb3 doesn’t. Just my humble experience. I am really hoping, as I said, that the new update to B5 will change a few things for the better, because I seriously want this to work. Sorry for my bad english…I am an American from the south. LOL



What update are you talking about ? Where did you get the information ? (sorry if it was in another thread already )


I have spoken on email with Arnaud about a few of my issues(not the personal ones). But watch this at 26:10


All right , thanks for that ! Did Arnaud tell you by email when the update will be available ?



If you don’t mind…can you explain what tweeks you make to make B5 scream, or maybe some of your favorite tweeks? I am always open to learn new things


Will definitely do that in a few days if you want , I don’t have my Cantabile PC with me right now !


No, he is really protective of that information, but he did say B5 owners would be notified by email. I do, however check his blog weekly.


I would really like that. thank you so much!


Today I did a benefit gig with a few of my friends. There were a total of ten bands, each playing one set. So, you could only imagine the camaraderie between the many musicians. After we finished our set, I found myself surrounded by several keyboardists and guitarists. They were curious how I was getting “that great B3 sound”, and what program I was running on my laptop. I simply said “that is an organ vsti called VB3, and the software I was running was Cantabile 3”. Many questions later, I gave my phone number to several people who were extremely interested in learning my setup, and how to get the programs. These were not the ordinary weekend cover band types, but rather the cream-of-the-crop studio and touring guys that have made a living doing this all their life. They were completely blown away by the technology, and couldn’t believe the Hammond sound I was getting. The guitar pickers were geeking on the realism of the different amps I was using while on guitar, but, that is another topic.

@brad , C3 really impressed a lot of people tonight, and it ran perfectly, as always. Thank you!

All the best



That is a great story, Corky!
There are still a remarkable number of musicians working live who are convinced that virtual instruments and the computers used to play them are still stuck in 2001. Things have come a long way!

When I think of the flight cases that I used to move from continent to continent… :sweat:

And C3 is the glue. Just love it.



Hi Andrew

Didn’t know in your comment whether you were layering VB3 with Arturia B3 or Acoustic Samples B5. But, I finally got time to try VB3 with B5, and I must say, it IS a much fatter sound. Love using the two leslies. I am going to experiment with parameter settings today to see what I can get out of these 2 puppies. Thanx for the idea!




I hope this is good news for things to come, but GSI has just updated their VST Tape Echo. It is the 1st vst update I have seen from them in a few years, as all their attention has been on hardware. HOPEFULLY VB3 will finally be updated to v2.0 !! Got my fingers crossed !


Ooooooooh that would be epic!


I know right! I am checking their facebook page 2 or 3 times a day. I f VB3 does popup, I will probably piss myself, lol! Like kid in a candy store…I am sure I am quite a sight to see on this.


UVI releases Rotary. Introductory price $49 (regular $79) through April 5th. I believe this is what Acoustic Samples has been waiting for to update their B5 organ, since the rotary on B5 is a UVI development. I am really interested in some of the new parameter settings on this, but not yet excited enough to purchase.



ALSO PSP Audioware has their L’otary 2 on sale, and many actually feel it is the superior Leslie emulator out there that have commented at the Digital Performer forum, Motunation. $29 till April 3rd!


I kind of think Lotary sucks, but maybe that’s just me lol Will look into Rotary though.