Organ Plugins - Opinions?


ditto on B5 and Blue3. I have racks set up for both. I used VB3 for years but in my opinion it’s been superceded by these plugins. And while I love the B5 sounds, Blue3 seems to cut through the mix better for me in a live band situation.


Same situation here: B5 and Blue3 substitute VB3 and HX3 completely meanwhile. I tend to use B5 for the real hammond sounds whereas Blue3 is number one when it comes to „hammondish“ sounds like CX3 and the like and I agree: Blue3 better cuts through in a live situation.

Regards, humphrey


I still don’t really like Blue3 on its own- again, it’s all about the Leslie- but layered in behind VB3 it kills. It does have an eq that VB3 lacks that helps them both. I need to bite the bullet sooner or later and buy B5.


Hi Fred.

I am finding B5’s “woody” sound very useful in several songs where it needs to standout somewhat. There is still something about it that makes me want to play it all the time. We’ve discussed this many times here. Just can’t put my finger on it.

I’ve been experimenting with Blue3’s tonewheel set and finding many character changes that are helpful. There are some nice mellow sounds in there. When we were discussing this with the developer, I asked for more, and different Leslies.

VB3 is still my work horse. At least as long as it works with current OS platforms, and that is “iffy” in the near future. Still clinging to WIN 7 as long as I can.

At least, we are very blessed with some amazing newer Hammond emu’s that will be around awhile, but I am afraid VB3 may go the direction of B4…dust in the wind.



Well you know I like the woody sound. :wink:


For me it’s definitely VB3 II over GG’s Blue3. I used to love NI’s B4 but hated B4 II. Arturia’s clone lacks bite.
On stage I use Nord’s electro 3 though. At home I play an A 100 (1962) through a Leslie 147, but for recording in Cubase it is definitely VB3 II. The sound is so authentic. I would never get it by recording my A100.


For me it is:

  • B4 II for Deep Purple. None of the other VST’s achieve the warm and aggressive distortion I need here.
  • VB3 for non distorted organs: like ‘A Whiter Shade of Pale’, prog-Rock and Jazz. Very warm in this type of registers.
  • VB3 II for ?¿: I still haven’t achieved an overdrive that sounds as I expect. But I haven’t had the time to deal with it in detail.



Well, like all things, opinions can change over the course of time and experience and so my update to this post would be that the folks at Acoustic Samples did a good job of addressing the CPU hit problems that had with the B5 and improved their rotary sim to where it is still my go to for all vocal oriented pop and old Southern Gospel Rock. It just has a way of surrounding without ever stepping on the vocals. For more spirited tones I switch to either VB3 or VB3 II piped through the IK Leslie sim. Hard rock, classic distortion rock, all with that purring growling Leslie sound. I am not as old as @Corky :wink: or have as much experience on Hammond tone creation so I am hunting around in this respect for what sounds good and feel like Corky and others no doubt have a few drawbar/perc/vibtrato setups that I would love to test drive! (hint- time for a ‘Corky’s Organ Tips and Tweaks’ thread-hint) I have been reading all the entries and other threads on Organ setups and picking up some knowledge there too from @FredProgGH on using effects chains with the Hammond sims and rotary sims and I got to tell you, this got me jazzed too, forgot how great Tony Kaye’s tone was! Thanks for all the good stuff everyone, my tones have improved already from your help and insights and all 17 of my fans like it too. :grin:



There has been quite a big game change on Hammond VST’s since we were making all the above comments. B5 V2 was a huge change. VB3 II finally came out, and just recently Blue3 V2 upped the ante. I used B4 for quite some time, and it was great at the time. Then they dropped support and gave us (ugh) vintage organs. What works for you will always be the best for you. We all judge sound and tones differently. It’s like our taste in beer brands, or vehicle brands, or midi controllers, etc. We know what we like, and strive to find those tones. As the thread was titled, “Organ Plugins - Opinions”, we discussed our own personal opinions on what we like. I learn a lot from these type of threads and contribute what I can. @mon8169 and @burg273, thank you for your opinions. I am glad this thread I created (@Neil_Durant inspired) is still alive, and serving a purpose.

Just had to remind me, eh? :stopwatch:

Ok…I guess it’s time to start “the thread”, but I am no more an expert than anyone else here, but will be great to see what others are doing.


I agree, you are correct! VB3 is very good. It is especially lush when switching between Leslie fast and slow. It’s very easy to modulate with the expression wheel and it can produce (with a little practice) some very nice Leslie effects. FWIW…


Without question, since I’m just a little younger! :smile:


I guess that makes me wiser? Hmmm. Well, at least, I still have my good looks !



I was sure my comment rated a good come back Pic! Well done Corky …


Too many years of playing trumpet will tend to give you a permanent embouchure, lol. No longer a need for a harmonica holder.


Any opinions on this B2003 ?


Hm, I only own Plugiator which is a hardwarebox using the Sonic Core plugins inside. But this was released years ago so maybe B2003 has gotten some updates meanwhile. What I can say is:

  • Basic sound was o.k.
  • Sanner was useable but no burner
  • Amp simulation was terrible
  • Leslie was far from what we are used to when we talk of VB3 (I/Ii), Blue 3, B5. IKM Lslie is lightyears ahead in comparison.

But as stated: all this may have totally changed and the Sharc DSPs in Sonic Core units can definitely do much better as one can see if you look at Neo Ventlator which is using the same DSPs afaik…

Regards, humphrey


ok thx, because those other do sound great, like the ARP


Doesn’t sound like it judging on the demos :wink:


I like my VB3 hands down !!!