OP-X PRO-II update

Sorry if this has already been posted.

OP-X PRO-II was updated to v1.3.0 last November and I missed it. I had no issues with the installation.

Update info on Youtube , SonicProjects Login


Well the update installed easy enough but I’ve found out today that notes are hanging. There is a version 1.3.1 that is supposed to correct that issue if you’re using Cubase so I tried it and it failed too. I’ve contacted them about it and am waiting for a fix.

I doubt if it has anything to do with my Cantabile build 4046 but I would appreciate it if someone could check it on a more recent build and let me know if they also have the issue. Thanks!


I never had hanging notes but I had to stop using it live because it crashes my rig going back 3 versions, including the latest. Love the tone but I feel safer using it in the studio. Maybe your inquiry will get me a fix too.:slight_smile:

I had problems with v1.3.0 in Cantabile (but not on my studio computer if I remember right).
I’d like to know how v1.3.1 is working for you (since it is supposed to be a fix for Cubase).

Cantabile crashes with v1.3.1.

I just experimented with VSTHost and SAVIHost and v1.3.0 ran with no problems using a sample rate of 44100 x 32.

@Brad when you get a chance would you check this out please? Thank you

Thanks for reporting - I’ll put it on the list for tomorrow.

I forgot to mention versions (1.3.0) and (1.3.1) come in vst3 only.

Peter from SonicProjects said you fixed a bug in the past and that I should make sure I’m running the latest version of Cantabile. :grin:

I just downloaded and installed v1.3.1 and it seemed to run fine, no crashes.

But… there’s no version info displayed in the GUI anywhere that I could find so I think I’m running 1.3.1,
but can’t tell for sure.

@Tweaker - were you prompted to send a crash report? I can’t see one from you.


Wow, that was a really, really long time ago and I can’t remember the details off hand (something to do with preset management maybe). Probably doesn’t apply to the VST 3 edition.

You can check your version by clicking in the upper far right gray area next to the effects ON button.

I don’t remember getting prompted to upload a report but I’ve seen the start options window a few times. The crash reports folder shows the latest file was created 10 days ago. I didn’t start the upgrade thing until a day or two ago. What files should I send you?

OK, yep, I’m definitely running 1.3.1 and haven’t seen any crashes. Do you have a set of steps to reproduce the crash?


Same here - running 1.3.1 without problems so far.

Thanks for checking guys. I haven’t been able to reproduce a crash so I deleted everything to try again plus I connected to the internet in case that’s why I don’t receive a prompt to send a report.


  1. v1.3.1, could not get it to crash and notes still hanging. Jumped all around clicking different patches and banks while notes were hanging. No crash.
  2. v1.3.0, same results.
  3. Next I removed my keyboard input and used the onscreen keyboard instead. Same results so I went back to my keyboard input. Somewhere after making the change Cantabile crashed but no report was generated and no prompt was received to send a report. Arg!

Since I’m the only one having troubles with it I guess I’ll revert to v1.2.6 when it ran great for me.

Thanks everyone!

Hi @Tweaker,

Oh, so it doesn’t always crash, just perhaps under heavier load?

If you’re not being prompted to send a crash report, that suggests something lower level. Are you sure this is related to OPX and not a general hardware issue? If you can capture a crash report as described here I’ll take a look at it.

As for the hanging notes, do these happen just during normal playing or only during after state or patch load?

Given random hanging notes and random crashes, my first suggestion would be to try swapping out the USB cables on any gear. You’d be shocked how often this turns out to be an issue.



One instance of OPX is the only thing being tested so the heavy load idea is out.

The only trouble I’ve had lately is upgrading OPX .

When either of the two upgrades are installed notes start hanging right after pressing a second consecutive note anywhere on the keyboard.

I would agree on the USB cables idea if other plugins were also experiencing the same problem but that’s not the case.

I currently have Windoze update problems to solve (0x80070643 or KB5001716) and will work on getting a crash report sent after that’s been completed. Thanks.



Got the Windows 10 problem fixed. If anyone else is getting the “Your device is missing important security and quality fixes” error 0x80070643 in Windows Update it’s a case of your machine using 20H2 and needs to be upgraded to 22H2. Here’s the link to get the update,

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Hi Brad, MS Debug crash dump sent.

Hi @Tweaker,

I had a look at the crash report and it’s crashing in OPX itself so not much I can do about that. I’ve forwarded the crash report to Peter.

As for the stuck notes, what is the MIDI Monitor showing?

  1. Start Cantabile
  2. Load OPX
  3. Right click on the plugin slot and choose MIDI Monitor
  4. Reproduce the problem (ie: play until stuck note occurs)
  5. Does the MIDI monitor show a held note?
  6. If it does, what does Tools -> Show Externally Held Notes report?


@Tweaker, Peter would like clarification of which builds 1.3.0 and/or 1.3.1 this crash is happening with.


MIDI Monitor does not show any held notes. Externally Held Notes shows “No currently held notes”. I did notice (just now) that consecutive key presses on the first note played (eg C) will not hang it only happens at the start of playing a different note (eg E).

The crash dump sent used 1.3.1. I don’t recall 1.3.0 crashing but it has the same problem with hanging notes.

I don’t think it’s a problem with OPX because both builds work fine in SAVIHost3. I’m betting you must have corrected something in later Cantabile builds after 4046 which is what I’m using.


Thank you for suggesting a trial of the latest builds. It never dawned on me to try that. OPX works great in both builds. Problem solved. Cantabile rocks!