OP-X Pro II compatibility


Thanks for pointing that out @Torsten, it slipped by me and I thought my automation trick fixed it, but after trying out your explanation, it did indeed remember the preset and call it back up. Way less bloat this way and the original patches are preserved for recall at any time if you want to reset them!



Hi Torsten (AKA da man)

I’ve been trying to solve this for some time and was trying to get @dave_dore 's solution to work, but saw your solution, and it worked perfectly! I am now using my presets as states. Many thanks! Also many thanks to @dave_dore for the hard work in trying to solve this.




Yes, that works for me too @Torsten - thank-you for the clarification of what it’s doing. As long as you totally ignore OP-X’s own bank/patch system, it works beautifully!

It’s interesting that this works - I didn’t realise Cantabile stored the plugin’s current “edit buffer”, unless you enabled state behaviour on all the exported parameters.



These CantabileFxb files I made a while back might be useful

Just load the plugin, call up the gui and import the banks, the Catabile preset dropdowns sync with the OP-X original names.



You know, I think there’s still something wrong with the way OP-X Pro-II is working in Cantabile.

I followed @Torsten’s steps above, and sure enough, the selected patches seem to get stored as Cantabile presets, so I can switch between them using the drop-down. But if I keep switching between these Cantabile presets (not touching the OP-X Pro-II GUI at all), eventually I find one of the Cantabile presets has been copied over one of the others, overwriting it, so instead of having patches A B C D, I now have something like A B C A. I seem to be able to provoke it by switching between Cantabile presets fairly quickly, although that might be a red herring.

I’d be really interested to hear from @brad on how this mechanism is working, and why it might be doing this. I still don’t trust OP-X Pro-II, unfortunately :frowning:



Oddly, tonight I was experiencing some strange effects selecting among Cantabile presets in NI’s Replika XT delay. I wonder if something has broken during an update? (On 3267.) When I’d select a patch, the name wouldn’t change, but the sound would. When I’d select another, the name would change to the name of the one selected previously. Didn’t open it up to see if anything was being overwritten in the presets list.



Incidentally after working with the new method a bit I stored a Cantabile Bank file and found it has a different extension. Instead of .cantabileFxb it’s now .CantabileBank … it may have been that way for a while, I don’t know when it changed for what it’s worth.





At least I know what is in my future. Thanks guys :persevere:


I just went all the way back to build 3247 and found that both NI’s Replika and Replika XT do that wonky thing with the Preset forward and backward buttons, selecting odd names for the patches even though it does perform the patch change. It seems only the names and numbers in the Presets window are messed up, but once they are messed up they stay messed up!

I wonder how one would reset those so it reads the patches in again straightening out the names and numbers?

I checked out build 3256 where the forward-backward buttons had been reported as being fixed, but the behavior persisted with these two NI plugins. Have not tested with other NI plugins as of yet.



I should know this, but how do I download the upgrade and enter my registration key so that the new software doesn’t stay in demo mode?


I can’t think of anything off hand that might changed to affect this so I’ll need to investigate but my gut feel is this is behaviour of the plugins (otherwise all plugins would behave weirdly).

@terrybritton - are you saying that Replika’s presets got messed up by a newer version of Cantabile and that it works fine in a fresh instance of Replika in an old version of Cantabile?

This format was introduced with the morph/randomize tools. It stores parameters + all morph/randomize settings and CantabileBank replaces CantabileFxb format (though both are still supported).

You should be able to just install the latest build and if your currently activated license doesn’t cover the build it’ll prompt your to select the new one. Email me if any problems.


I’ve been doing some testing here with latest OPX Pro II 1.2.5 and it seems to be working albeit still with OPX’s unusual preset management system - which I think explains the odd behaviour that @Neil_Durant is seeing.

I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what OPX does when it saves/loads to the host (or to/from fxb file which is exactly the same thing) but ended up so confused I gave up. It seems to always save and load the current preset name and the synth parameters, but it doesn’t save the selected internal bank index, it doesn’t save which bank you had loaded and on loading sometimes it updates the bank with the preset name and sometimes it doesn’t.

Combined with Cantabile’s pseudo presets things get very out of hand very quickly…

For the next build (3270+) I’m going to disable pseudo presets on new instances of this plugin.

That way at least it will behave the same as it does in other hosts. Although the same problem is still there, at least Cantabile’s pseudo presets won’t be making things even more confusing.




Bearing this new decision in mind, could you aid me in the removal of any shared files on the server I uploaded that use this current method? I don’t want to share anything funky. There were CantabileFxb Files.




Hey Dave… they should still work I think. 3270 is up now - give it a test and let me know if any problems.

What should happen is you load a new instance of OPX, it’ll be in non-pseudo preset mode. If you load something with pseudo presets (including those bank files you uploaded) it should switch to pseudo preset mode.


Ok, Thanks Brad



No, I tried older versions to see if it was a recent issue that came up (back to 3245) but the problem happened even back then and still does, apparently. This with both Replika and Replika XT. Is there a way to reset the auto-populated pseudo-preset patch names? The plugins own browser shows them correctly - they are simply “renaming” themselves spontaneously in the pseudo-presets window, it would seem!

Doesn’t happen with LinPlug’s Spectral synth, which I’ve recently been playing with a lot and would have noticed.


EDIT - Hmmm - I admit I did not try a fresh instance, exactly, but had my backed up racks from before the big update that I used when I tested 3245, and that version of the “Reverbs” rack had Replika in it, not Replika XT. So, the two racks were made at different times with different versions of Cantabile.


Hey Brad,

I tried out the new build with OP-X 2.5 and the results are that it doesn’t recognize the old file extension of the Bank files I saved from before. The extension was ( .cantibileFxb ) so I can’t check the old versions. I had loaded the Factory presets bank (old version) a few days ago and then re-saved it after a small edit, it then had the new extension with the extension ( .CantabileBank ). This file loads and works correctly. The other problem I have with the new version is that it crashes on song changes in the set list. I have sent along the automatic crash report, it was repeatable.



I tried out OP-X Pro-II in build 3270, and had a few problems:

  • Cantabile crashed when I had a song just containing an instance of OP-X Pro-II, with “Entire bank” state behaviour set, and I changed song state. I’d changed song state a few times without problem beforehand. Didn’t seem to happen again. Crash report sent.
  • The problem I reported before, where I switch between different states, happened again. So to clarify, a song with just an instance of OP-X Pro-II, set to “Entire bank” state behaviour and three song states, each with a different OP-X Pro-II patch assigned. I switch quickly between the three song states, and it works fine for a while, and then within a minute or so of doing this, one of the states acquires the patch from one of the other states (so now two are the same), and it stays that way, so you lose the patch that was there before. Not just the name in the plugin GUI, but the actual sound. I’m a bit surprised nobody else has seen this yet.

In fact the only way I’ve found to get it to work reliably is @dave_dore’s method of enabling state behaviour on all of the plugin’s parameters, and disabling Selected Program and Entire Bank state behaviour. That seems robust and doesn’t suffer from the problem above. Luckily, that method also provides the smoothest patch changes, as it’s just doing a lot of quick knob twiddling, rather than cutting the sound and reloading a load of new parameter data.

So I’d recommend to anyone using OP-X Pro-II, to give it a good hammering on your setup to see if it’s going to cause you problems like I’ve had, and if so, maybe switch to @dave_dore’s automated parameter method.



OK, I’ve tried my luck with the new build - as I understand now with disabled pseudo states, there is no way to select OP-X presets from the menu directly in the routing view - which is a pity…

Instead of using “entire bank”, I tried using the built-in OPX bank system and program changes (or OP-X’ version of program changes), but that won’t work, since OP-X doesn’t remember the loaded bank when saving the song - a major annoyance! Plus, it always overwrites the first patch in the loaded default bank with the edit buffer selected when saving, so even more nonsense…

So I guess, I’ll give @dave_dore’s method a try.

Thanx all!




Hey Torsten,

I don’t know if this would prove handy but as stated in a post above I have a Factory Preset Cantibile Bank file that you can import and loading it will over ride the new limits Brad placed on the plugin with regards to the pseudo presets . It will revert the OP-X to the previous behavior and allow use of the Cantabile pseudo preset system but only if a file like this is loaded first. You could then export your edits made to this Bank in you own new Bank file.
Here it is, I had to zip it because the server doesn’t see the new extension.

SonicProjects OP-X Pro II Factory Presets.zip (344.5 KB)