OP-X Pro II compatibility


Hey Torsten - take a look at the last line in compatibility.ini in the same folder as Cantabile.exe - you can switch back to the old behaviour easily enough it if you want.

I’m fairly conflicted over what to do about this plugin - I wish it had a more sane preset model but I guess you’re right, pseudo presets might be the best still but trying to explain it’s behavior is somewhat difficult.



I wonder if pseudo presets could control all of the automation parameters somehow, for certain plugins such as this? So instead of storing all the bank information, they store all the VST parameters, per preset. It seems OP-X Pro-II behaves fine when driven via automated parameters.



@brad: Did you try to contact the guy from Sonic-Projects? I think he is a kind person… I was in touch with him a few times already and the support was always great. So maybe you can point him in the right direction to make the plugin work well with C3.


Hmm, given @Neil_Durant 's experience with presets being overwritten, I guess I’ll stick with @dave_dore 's approach. Seems the safest option ATM…




This sounds like an idea I had at one point called “Lightweight Presets”. The idea is similar to to pseudo-presets but instead of storing the entire bank, the plugin get’s locked to one base program and the light-weight presets just capture the parameter values.

My concern was introducing another preset system might be just too confusing.



Yeah I’ve spoken to Peter on numerous occassions. You’re right - nice guy, but he seems to be constrained by the fact that the plugin is actually a VST 3 plugin wrapped in VST 2 wrapper and getting that to work in conjuction with the plugin’s internal preset system is troublesome.

Still there are other plugins using the vst2 wrapper that don’t have this problem so I’m not sure.


Sounds like in this case we know the currently available preset system doesn’t work in C3 reliably. It needs a helping hand from the host to stabilize the sound selection for live use. If it is not a great leap I would help check the “Lightweight Presets” idea if experimented on for the reasons @Neil_Durant brings up when he mentions ‘plugins like this’ that would be more stable when addressed this way. Hopefully there are not many of them and they could be marked in the vst description file and then they could be directed to your proposed Lightweight Presets system. If the lightweight system only kicked on for those plugins many users may never know that feature was there, but those that use plugs like this because of the tone would welcome it. I use it and like it a lot so that’s 1 vote lol :grin: